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Full Version: A couple of interesting links
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Bionic hands - a little early?

Teotihuacan cave under pyramid - Interesting plot hook.
OMG, i read the pyramid one, wow, yeah what room to work with. I had no idea there was a cibvilization that much older in the area, I mean the Aztecs replaces the Toltecs etc but this seems to be something even the Aztecs would have seen as old. Let the plot hooks flow. I eman besides the great age of the place the facxt it was abandoned millenia ago, THEN when found almost immediately resealed? Christ on a crutch it's almost Lovecraftian.
And I'm sure it's a Happy Fun Place in Shadowrun, too!
They probably blew it up. They really do take their religion seriously.
Or manipulated things so that it's part of their religion. It's all about perception when it comes to religion and magic.
Maybe RL and SR are drifting close together. Sounds like the guys should take a revolver, bullwhip and fedora with their shovels.
the more one dig, the more one find that culture and religion is older then we think we know...
Well. Aztech has to have found their tainted locus SOMEWHERE ...

Revolver and Fedora at the very least. Bullwhips take a lot of practice.
About bionic hand, the technology is spreading quite fast. I had read one new in the newspaper that told about an girl who got a bionic hand of the same conditions(although hers was only up to the wrist). One interesting thing about the new is that the cost of that hand (at least in europe) was about a half more than the cost of the two grips artificial hand (i don't remember exactly the values but it wasn't really high seeing the improvement). It's sure that this technology will be further developed.
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jul 6 2008, 02:13 PM) *
Revolver and Fedora at the very least. Bullwhips take a lot of practice.

Yes, they do, smokin.gif
Sarabia said the tunnel was first discovered in the early 1970s but it was closed soon afterward, and most of the information about it was lost when the archaeologist who found it died.

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