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Full Version: Monocycle in RL
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Hey y`all, in Tokyo right now and I was reading emails from my sis and see sent me this article link.,0,111563.story

Not sure if it has already been discussed, and I did a quick search for monocycles and unicycles. Anyway, thought it would be of interest for some folks especially since it is in the arsenal(?) book... I think it was that book, the books aren`t with me on this vacation, so there. nyahnyah.gif

PS: typing on these japanese keyboards can be annoying as heck, it`s driving me up the wall at times. silly.gif
OMG I saw this on a cartoon (Code Lyoco) and didn't think it could be real. The article talks about the problems BUT with work this could work really well running about town. Not the power or stability of a full sized bike but this could be a good runabout.

as for the key board and it's affect-who'd notice.
Cool. Very Venus Wars.
Nice looking, but it seems he is trying to make it look like a motorcycle when in reality it does not need to conform to preexisting paradigms.
QUOTE (the_dunner @ Jul 6 2008, 08:37 AM) *
Cool. Very Venus Wars.

Thank god someone else has seen that. When i was pointing out the monocycles in Arsenal to my players, I was like, "Yeah, Monocycles. You know, like in Venus Wars." And they all looked at me with blank faces, because apparently none of them had ever heard of Venus Wars before.

For people who are the same age as me and are anime fans, I found that kind of odd.
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