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Now, I don't think anyone will really want any of this information and it's probably group/campaign independant, but for some background information. For approximately 12 years myself and my group have been using the Halloweeners as a main source of playing for our shadowrun games. Seems we prefer more low key-style stuff.

I like being a scummer!

Anyway. As a result, we've entirely developed the gang out (through various wipe-outs and rebirths), with personalities, stats and all that junk. Doubt anyone is MAJORLY interested, not sure what the usual SR4 gamer expects these days and all that, but if anyone wants a look over what we have, it's below.

To note mind, the stats are higher than the SR4 main book would suggest, primarly because multiple members have survived various wipe-outs, which suggests a serious ability to survive (also, it's our prime campaign material, but meh!).

I have an absolute TON of details, but I'll just post a bunch of crap (would should be understandable), which we wrote recently, but I do have full personalities, likes, dislikes and all that junkoid for everyone. Three of the posted are PCs (most die!).

Anyway, if anyone wants to piss with it, happy days.

One last thing. We have completely transformed Seattle into an anarchist state controlled by the japanese Military. Only several portions are even in a fit state to live in, thus gangs are massively important (cyberpunk thang!), which is why they may seem overpowered to what most believe simple "gangers" should be. But remember! The halloweeners have been in business simce 2050 chummer!


Slash B5 A4 R5 S4 - C4 I6 L3 W5 - E3 I2 M7 (5) (n' burn)
Bison B8 A7 R6 S7 - C3 I3 L3 W3 - E3 I2

Zaney B4 A9 R7 S8 - C2 I4 L2 W4 - E2 I3 (Janey)
Bobby B14 A2 R3 S13 - C2 I2 L1 W3 - E1 I1 (Blue)
Tiggs B3 A4 R8 S3 - C4 I5 L4 W4 - E5 I2

Brad B5 A4 R4 S5 - C2 I4 L1 W4 - E7 I1
Tara B3 A7 R6 S4 - C4 I3 L2 W2 - E5 I3
Suzie B3 A6 R5 S3 - C5 I4 L2 W2 - E6 I2

Plum B4 A3 R6 S4 - C3 I3 L3 W4 - E4 I2 (Short for Pummel)
Mary B2 A3 R3 S2 - C2 I2 L2 W5 - E6 I1 M9 (Little Mary)
Pepper B2 A3 R5 S2 - C3 I2 L5 W3 - E3 I2


Slash : Smartlink, Wires L1, Cybereyes (low-light, thermo)
: Killing Hands, Elemental Strike (fire), Critical Strike L2
: Smashing Blow, Commanding Voice, Sustenance,
: Imp Unarmed L2, Combat Sense L2
Bison : Smartlink, Boosted L3, Muscle Replacements L3, Dermal L1

Zaney : Retractable Spur (1), Wires L2, Cybereyes (thermo, low-light)
: Cyberlegs - Spurs (2), Hydralic Jacks L3, S8, A9
: Cyberarms, Spurs (4), S8, A9
Bobby : Titanium Bone Lacing
Tiggs : Smartlink, Datajack, Cybereyes (thermo, low-light, flare comp),
: Boosted L3, Reaction Enhancers L2, Internal Shotgun.

Brad : Spurs (2), AimLink, Thermographic, Olfactory L6
Tara : Smartlink, Wires L2, Muscle Replacements L2, Cyberfangs W/sac
Suzie : Smartlink, Wires L1, Sound Filter L3, Olfactory L2
: Taste Boost L2, Spartial Recognier

Plum : Cyberarms (Extension R1), S11 A8, Smartlink, Boosted L2
Mary : Berserk, Killing Hands, Critical Strike L6, Imp Unarmed 6
: Attrib Boost STR+3, AGL+3, REA+3, BOD+3.
Pepper : Datajack, Smartlink, Commlink, Wires L1

Major Skills

Slash : CLOSE COMBAT 3, Unarmed +2, FIREARMS 5, Shotguns +1
: INFLUENCE 3, Leadership +1, STEALTH 3, Infiltration +1
: Throwing 2, Intimidate 2, Heavy Weapons 3, ATHLETICS 2
: Running/Climbing +1, Dodge 5.
Bison : FIREARMS 3, Assault Rifles +2, CLOSE COMBAT 3, Blades +1,
: Intimidate 3, ATHLETICS 2, Heavy Weapons 3, Throwing 2,
: Dodge 2

Zaney : Blades +5 (implanted), Offhand Blades +5 (implanted)
: ATHLETICS 4, Gymnastics+2, STEALTH 2, infiltration+4
: Throwing 4, CLOSE COMBAT 2, Unarmed +3.
Bobby : CLOSE COMBAT 3, Unarmed +1, Throwing 4, Intimidate 2
Tiggs : FIREARMS 4, Shotguns +2, CLOSE COMBAT 1, Blades +1, INFLUENCE 4
: INFILTRATION 2, Intimidate 3, Drive 3, Perception 4
: Heavy Weapons 1, Dodge 3.

Brad : CLOSE COMBAT 4, Blades +1 (cyber),Blade Offhand 5 (cyber)
: Throwing 4 (knives/lobbed), Intimidation 4, ATHLETICS 2,
: Perception 2 (scent), Dodge 2 (ranged), Infiltration 2 (urban).
Tara : ??
Suzie : ATHLETICS 2, CLOSE COMBAT 2, blades +2 (knives),
: offhand blades 4 (knives), FIREARMS 2, Automatics +1
: INFLUENCE 2, Leadership +2 (morale), Intimidate 2, Drive 1
: Throwing 2 (knives), Perception 3 (sound/smell),
: Dodge 2 (ranged).

Plum : FIREARMS 4, Assault Rifles +1, CLOSE COMBAT 2, Unarmed +3,
: Drive 4, INFLUENCE 2, Leadership +2, Dodge 4 (ranged)
: Throwing 2 (lobbed), ATHLETICS 3, Heavy Weapons 3.
Mary : CLOSE COMBAT 2, Infiltration 2, ATHLETICS 1
Pepper : CRACKING 5, ELECTRONICS 4, Drive 2 (bike), FIREARMS 2


Slash : Homeground, Guts, Adept.
Bison : Homeground, Will to Live L2, Guts,

Zaney : Homeground, Pain Tolerance L2, Guts, Aptitude (blades)
: Ambidexterity.
Bobby : Homeground, Pain Tolerance L3, Guts, Toughness.
Tiggs : Homeground, Guts, First Impressions.

Brad : Homeground, Guts, Resistance to Toxins.
Suzie : Homeground, Ambidexterity, Guts.
Tara : Homeground, Guts, ??

Plum : Homeground, Guts, Blandness.
Mary : Homeground, Quick Healer.
Pepper : Homeground, Codeslinger.

Major Equipment

Slash : Enfield Pump-Action, Raging Bull, Kevlar Vest
Bison : Ares Alpha, Plated vest, Combat Axe

Zaney : Aztech Flexi Suit.
Bobby : Reinforced Clothing.
Tiggs : SPAS-32, Monoblade,

Brad : Survival Knife, Assorted Grenades, Plated Vest.
Suzie : Uzi, Armoured Clothing, Dikoted Blades (2).
Tara : Ares Predator, Lined Coat

Plum :
Mary :
Pepper :

Looking roughly over it, I'd imagine yah'll would want further information, race, ethnic background blah blah blah. I'll look in to it if I anyone gives a crap enough and likes the gangs as much as myself.

- Baatorian

Edit : All stastics are already adjusted for cyberware.
Well, my group just started a major hate-on with the 'Weenies.

I used them as an example of what happens when you leave vehicles unattended at night in Downtown Seattle.

And one of the players got turned into a human torch as well. Luckily, an insanely high First Aid roll prevented him from having permenant scars, although he does need a lot of burn ointment. And the peeling skin. Ew.

The gang is currently organised by Suzie Sue (Named Suzie Suicidal, because of previous incedents). Before the Ancient wipe out, they had located to Redmond for security and protection from the corps they detest so much. Although by this point a lot of them members couldn't give a flying rats ass and were mostly in it for the cash and killings.

After the ancients wipe out (SR4 base material), they again relocated back to their old H.Q. an old disused shipyard in the downtown district, directly south of the downtown mall (10 minutes drive).

Suzie Sue, a simple member before the wipe out, has now become an upper tier member and took responsibility upon her own hands. She has organised the new recruits into named groups and controls virtually all initiation in to the gang. Slash is taking a back seat.

The heads of each group are called Ragers (SR4 material), below them are the scrub pool. The ragers themselves get to pick ten members each from the scrub pool and add them to their groups as "members". Only ragers and above now perform the circle of fire, everyone below just needs a halloweener (Jack o' Lantern), tatttoo to claim membership (of course everyone goes through Suzie and her datajack and implanted memory let her remember who is who).

As before, I still have like 12 years of information, but below are the current ragers of the gang.


El Loco B3 A4 R6 S3 - C2 I2 L2 W3 - I1 E6
Skrum B9 A2 R4 S8 - C4 I5 L3 W5 - I2 E2
Claire Iron B3 A4 R5 S4 - C4 I4 L4 W2 - I1 E3
Jock B4 A3 R5 S4 - C3 I3 L1 W3 - I1 E4
Bonzo B7 A3 R4 S6 - C3 I3 L2 W3 - I1 E3

Major Skills

El Loco - Pistol +3, CLOSECOMBAT 2, ATHLETICS 1, Drive 2
Skrum - Leadership 3, Unarmed 2, Shotguns 4, Heavy Weapons 2, - Intimidate 2
Claire Iron - Pistols 3, Blade 3, INFLUENCE 2, Drive 2
Jock - Demolitions 1, FIREARMS 2, CLOSECOMBAT 3, Throwing 1
- Assault Rifle +1
Bonzo - Blades (axe) 2, FIREARMS 1, ATHLETICS 2, Negotiation 1
- Drive 1


El Loco - Smartlink, Boost1
Skrum - Smartlink, Wires1
Claire Iron - Smartlink, Boost1
Jock - Smartlink, Boost1
Bonzo - Cyberarm (S8 A7)+SMG

Major Equipment

El Loco - 2 Light Pistols, Magnum, AK-47, Armoured Vest
- Flick Knife
Skrum - Pump Shotgun, Heavy Coat, Magnum
Claire Iron - Heavy Pistol, Rambo Knife, AK-98
Jock - Combat Axe, Ares Alpha, Armoured Jacket
Bonzo - Fire Axe, Revolver, AK-47

Anyway, I will post more if someone gives a crap.

- Baatorian
I thought they were run by some nutjob named "Nightmare"?

Hehe. Sounds cool CanRay =)

Try to never use gangers are simpletons and fools if you can. Gangers are a DMs best tool! They look like totally shit, but occasionally pull out a stinger!

Sounds amusing though. If you can, breed some life in to the gangs, I think they're one of the best parts of Seattle (and truest to the setting). I guess I'm like a SR4 ganger fanboi or something, which is rather shameful.

Currently, the way I have things, is that they've set up a rival area like Loveland, which they mostly protect, its a complete no-holds barred area and they've decided to forgive/ignore the mobsters of late to concentrate on bigger things, which lets them all move in to the area. WHICH! Makes it a prime location for a daring runner!

- Baatorian

Yeah, that nutjob is pure SR4 material. Use it if you wish. They were run by Slash n' Burn since like 2050 or somewhat. Whom survived a Renraku assault squad (survive that and survive anything).

I preferred to keep with the old school. Basically, the entire gang would have had to die, to promote a complete stranger straight to boss, because "Nightmare" was never a member or what-not (although possibly, a member could have went mad and renamed himself nightmare, in which case was probably Zazz, whom was the only gang mage).

Regardless, if you want to use a random fucknut called Nightmare, go ahead, but it's a FAR too cliche name for myself and Slash 'n Burn did his job so well after all.

Best regards =)

- Baatorian
"I pull out my Katana." "Cah-Lick. He whips out his switchblade." "Ummm... Did he not notice the HUGE ASS SWORD I'm carrying?" "He's looking right at it. He does not care."

I think that earned him some respect in a way. Put a lot lower on the stupidity scale, but some respect nonetheless. The Elven Bio-Ninja is a scary fragger!
FYI: Runner's Havens, Page 91 deals with the 'Weenies, and info on Nightmare.
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jul 7 2008, 03:10 AM) *
"I pull out my Katana." "Cah-Lick. He whips out his switchblade." "Ummm... Did he not notice the HUGE ASS SWORD I'm carrying?" "He's looking right at it. He does not care."

I think that earned him some respect in a way. Put a lot lower on the stupidity scale, but some respect nonetheless. The Elven Bio-Ninja is a scary fragger!

LOL. No brilliant. The Halloweeners used to recruit fairly loosely compared to other gangs (after the renraku wipeout), after the ancients wipeout.. well, there was more.

There was also a massive attack by the disassemblers, ancients, 192's and souix (SP?) nation (formally known as the first nation, before the Halloweeners wiped them *out* in 2054, after being sold an APC by runner called Psyche). They manage to survive that with 11 members left from 62 (most were kids recruited from the streets). Unfortunately the ATF hit them particular hard afterwards due to the obscene amout of weaponry they were carring to combat their various foes.

*insert huge storyline*

Several affliated runners however managed to free a few of them from prison and the eventual collapse of American society within Seattle (NAN blocked all borders for diplomacy *secret: The japanese paid for it!*), led to Japan landing troops within the city to safe guard it from future threat. Which the UCAS meekly appreicative. AKA, war incoming.

Anyway, the gang is now a complete shambles of shitty members (as SR4 promotes the gang), with a small collection of talented individuals whom have survived hell and back.

ANYWAY. What you say sounds well sweet. Keep the "mongers" short and sweet and the upper tiers more thoughtful and respectful of runners and the criminal elite. But meh, who am I to tell you the fuck to do, you obviously know what the hell ya doing =)

- Baatorian
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jul 7 2008, 03:20 AM) *
FYI: Runner's Havens, Page 91 deals with the 'Weenies, and info on Nightmare.

Thanks. I have read it, but mostly dismised it, since it doesn't fit in to how I want thing to work =)

- Baatorian

Edit: As I said in my original post, I don't expect many people to give a crap, because I'm going well back to old school shit.
I give a crap. More power to you for focusing on the gang aspect of the shadows. Respect.
You can't underestimate the gangers. Rikki did, and look what it got him.
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