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Full Version: Election of 2053?
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Is there a book which desribes the presidential elections of 2053 in detail, or at least has some info on that, e.g. the names of the cadidates, the parties they belonged to, etc.? The only thing I know is that Adams died the day after re-election from sudden stroke, and that VP Steele took the Big Office.

I mean, the whole electional campaign would be a major thing in Seattle/UCAS newsnets, and I plan to present the thing for my players gradually over 3 or 4 sessions through newfaxes, trid shows and such, but I find it too difficult to invent everything myself. Besides, I'm poor at politics.

If there isn't any canon info, did anyone created it and could probably help me out?

Nothing much. The Timeline Explorer gives this:
  • 2048 - In the UCAS, Alan Adams, former CEO of the Colbert Group, an Illinois-based multinational corporation, is elected President of the UCAS. (Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America)
  • 2049 - In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Alan Adams is inaugurated President of the UCAS. (Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America)
  • 2049 - In the UCAS, General Steven Coe Bowling is dismissed by President Adams as Director of the CIA. (Target: UCAS)
  • 2052 - In the UCAS, President Adams is re-elected President of the UCAS. (Shadowrun Second Edition)
    2053 - In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, President Adams is again inaugurated as President of the UCAS. (Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America)
  • 2053 - In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the day after his inauguration President Adams dies of a massive stroke. He is replaced by his vice president Thomas Steele. (Super Tuesday)

IIRC, Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America is the book that deals with UCAS before Bug City events, so for the period of time that is interesting you.
Strange is the thing that they have 2 different dates for electing Adams, depending on the book. (As a side note, SR3 main book says it's 2052.)

Did somebody run a campaign/scenario based on the events of 2052/3's election? What was it like? Is it even worth playing, or is it better to wait for 2057's events?

SR3 says:


...UCAS President Adams died suddenly, and Vice President Thomas Steele moved up to the Big Office. Which didn't matter a damn to anybody at the time, except that Steele's Technocratic Party seemed to be doing OK by the economy (for those with SINs, that is).

I don't buy that. Specifically, the "which didn't matter a damn to anybody" part.
The confusion between year comes from the fact that US (and UCAS) presidents are elected in november of a year, but become presidents only in january of the following year.
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