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Full Version: New Mentor Spirits
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Psychopomp is the guardian of lost souls, the guide that shepherds the dead through the afterlife. Psychopomp is in tune with the cycle of life and death. He cannot adjust the cycle, but can ease its effects on those who are caught within it. He is compassionate but unyielding, and often requires a token payment for his services.

Bonuses: +2 dice for summoning Guardian Spirits, Guidance Spirits or Spirits of Man (choose one), +2 dice for Astral Quests.
Penalties: Must perform an Astral Quest any time anyone dies in or near your presence, before sunup or sundown, or gain the Spirit Bane Quality until the quest is performed.

The Road

The Road is the spirit of freedom and travel. Commerce and speed are his purviews, and he most admires knowledge won through personal experience. Followers of The Road have seen it in the guises as traditional as those of Mercury or Hermes, to James Dean and the Spirit of Route 66.

Bonuses: +2 dice for Detection spells, +1 die for ground vehicle tests
Penalties: A follower of The Road must make a Willpower + Charisma check to stay in the same place for more than two nights in a row. If they fail, they are compelled to move on where the spirits guide them.
Psychopomp's penalty seems overly harsh. Doesn't Astral Quest a particular metamagic to work? (or am I confusing editions again?)

Maybe something like this might be more in line with similar flaws?
"When a follower of Psychopomp witnesses a death, he must make a Charisma + Willpower (3) check. If the check fails, the magician must spend a moment performing last rites for the departed; this takes one full combat round and the magician much be within arms reach of the body. A glitch or critical glitch on this test means the magician to perform an extended rite last at least a minute (for a glitch) or several minutes (for a critical glitch)."

Similarly, the Astral Quests bonus seems rather... broad.

The only change I'd make to The Road is to bump the ground vehicles bonus to +2, bringing it inline with other skill based bonuses (such as Cat's +2 to gymnastics or infiltration).

Here's one I wrote up a few months ago, similar to The Road, but more reckless. It was meant more for a Mystic Adept, but I suppose I could see a regular magician following it.

Speed Demon
Followers of Speed Demon feel the need for speed, in a very real way. They're adrenaline junkies and show offs, proud of their of their skill, and more that happy to put the competition in their place when challenged or disrespected. Every Speed Demon follower is a little different; some gravitate toward bikes, some to fast cars, some to aircraft. There are even Speed Demon magicians who've taken to mastering anthroforms.
Advantages: +2 dice for one Piloting skill (choose one), +2 dice for defensive tests while piloting a vehicle.
Disadvantages: A Speed Demon magician must succeed in a Willpower + Charisma (3) Test to avoid responding to a challenge from another driver, acting recklessly, or showing off while piloting a vehicle.
"The Medium is the Message." - Marshall McLuhan

A modern equivilent to the ancient Messenger Gods, Media requires that information be free, and that the masses know all, or are at least entertained. Followers of Media are often Magicians that work for Trid Houses, using their magical talents to increase the impact of the story. With the advent of Augmented Reality being the primary means of communication, these Magicians are attempting to study and figure out techniques and spells to affect AROs in a magical nature.

Advantages: +2 Dice on Illusion Spells, +2 Dice on Drain Tests for Physical Illusion Spells.
Disadvantages: A Media Magician must succeed in a Willpower + Charisma (3) Test to avoid enhancing special effects for any cameras that might be watching. In addition, all Media Magician spells are always flashy, and never, ever subtle.
Having numerous gods based on it (Dionysus being the most infamous), Alcohol has been a powerful influcence in Metahumanity's history for time immemorial. It grants courage, but steals wisdom. It brings people together, but drives them apart as well. Despite being a dangerous mistress, Alcohol is a truely neutral mentor.

Advantages: +2 to Illusion Spells, +2 to Drug Resistance Tests.
Disadvantages: Gain the Geas to have a alcoholic drink with every meal.
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