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I was hoping to find a section of the site that deal with just 3ed, or at least 1-3 (Anything but 4th). Anyway if anyone can direct me to that section (If we have one) that would be great...

(Thanks for the Tag Idea)
They nuked the 1-3-specific section a while back, essentially killing the discussion as far as I can tell. If you're going to try discussing 3rd edition things here, I recommend remembering to use the SR3 tag; you'll inevitably get some people talking about SR4 anyway, but for me at least that's how I figure out which threads to actually pay attention to.

Wounded Ronin
Yeah, 4e is too difficult for me to understand, so everything I say is in reference to 3rd ed.
There are still a few 3rd ed'ers on the boards. Personally my group are comfortable with the rules for 3rd and transcribing beloved character to a new system is not worth the effort.
Own the 4th ed stuff, use it for inspiration on occasion, as my game is in '65. But I put alot of effort into learning and teaching the Byzantine rule systems of 3rd ed, let alone money. I will change when there is a reason to change, other than its new and shiney.
Yeah, just use the SR3 tag and you'll be fine. There are plenty of people on here who remember 3rd, even if they play 4th, and will be happy to talk about it. talker.gif
I am an avid 3rd ed GM and will happily discuss all 3rd edition topics. 4th edition got a lot of things right (and I've integrated many into my 3rd ed games). They also got a lot of things wrong.
Great to know I am not the only die hard 3ed GM left. I have the rules for 4th ed, and looked them over they just don't feel like shadowrun to me, I mean Hacker my ass.. its a decker, its always gonna be a decker, I mean even crainal decks are still decks...

Anyway, Just wanted to find a place to talk about 3ed rules and such as I run into problems. Most of the time (And I have been running for near 2 decades differnt games) I have no problems but a sourse to talk to is always better then... Lets roll a dice and if you get higher its your way... type rules calls.
Another thing I'd suggest is putting [SR3] in your Topic line. That will likewise get folks attention.

Basically, two years after 4th edition came out, we finally dropped the seperate forum and merged it all into one when we switched to a new version of the board software. We wanted to clean things up a bit, reduce the clutter.

And basically, the 3rd ed boards weren't getting much traffic by that point. Plus, half the stuff being discussed didn't really apply *just* to 3rd edition.

As long as you make it clear it's a third ed thread, with the icon tags and proper topic titles, you'll get plenty of discussion. Especially cause it's not like those that are playing 4th ed not have forgotten everything about 3rd ed. smile.gif
Good call Bull, thanks for the answers I thought I remembered coming here and having a 3ed place on the boards, but wanted to make sure.
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