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Full Version: Full cyber replacements
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I've often wondered on a few things, regarding characters that decide to replace every limb and torso and their skulls with cyber replacements. Could a short person decide to get a new body that was significantly taller? Or a tall person a shorter one?

And, if you were a Troll, and got a cyber skull, would you really decide to get fake tusks and horns? You'd think life would be much easier for them without those teeth poking out of their mouth, and those horns have to make sleeping a real pain in the ass smile.gif

I know this is all opinion, but I'd like to hear some smile.gif
I was wondering something similar. If I have a dwarf sam, and opt to chop his stumpy little dwarf legs off and throw on some Kid Stealth Legs, wouldn't it not only make you run faster, but also remove the natural movement penalty for dwarves. Also, would you get the human poser quality, because now you'd just look like a slightly heavy-set human?
and most likely get a negative social mod when interacting with fellow dwarfs...

now that i think about it, i wonder what it would do to ones sense of where ones limbs are.

as in, going from short to long arms, would one not risk knocking things over more often? i guess one would get used to it eventually, but there would probably be quite a time of adjustment...
or look grossly out of proportion... nyahnyah.gif

a full body swap I can't see the issue, although are trolls brains bigger? I just don't know nyahnyah.gif

you might end up with a 'human' with a giant head biggrin.gif
Neither the cyberskull nor torso actually replace your natural one. They just give it a colorful candy shell. The Troll torso and head would likely be very much out of proportion if you were to get somebody else's limbs.
but i wondered about the dwarfs and the human legs too . . dwars are basically humans with just shoter legs and smaller hands or something like that neh?
so a dwarf with human legs should about look like a human . .
Wouldn't a dwarf with longer legs run the chance of stepping in front of a bus by accident because he is use to taking 25 inch steps but now he takes 34 inch steps. I know he would get use to it but the first couple days could be his last.
One approach would be to let the character get away with it and slap the "Human Poser" flaw on him, which is a flaw that I have just made up just now, but works similar to Elf Poser or Ork Poser; the humans won't like you because you're still a dwarf, and the dwarves won't like you because you're trying to be human. You've gotten a couple meters of walking speed in return for everyone not liking you. Hooray. It's not like the player in question has just won Shadowrun, or even gotten a particularly good deal, in my opinion.
Sure, as a full borg they might be able to hide their dwarfiness pretty well, but it'll still be an issue from time to time, and a couple meters of walking/running speed is perhaps the most underwhelming thing they could've gotten away with anyway.
it's not about the speed, it's about the size . . it is ALLWAYS about the size . . the one reason i don't like playing dwarves all that much is not because they are slower in movement, but because one gets to deal with the whole list of short jokes . . and long jokes concerning short people too!

they may be short, but what a temper...
yes, i read oracle for hire on a dayly basis . . my friends and GM's hate me for doing puns like him most of the time . .
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