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Full Version: Spoof Chips
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Prime Mover
Spoof chips from Arsenal. How do the ID's work that are being cycled in the spoof chip. Bought seperately? Limited number that must be replaced if compromised? Other? Anyone clarify?
By Arsenal, IIRC there was/is no limit. They just work. grinbig.gif

I usually run them as obviously fake and if a cop is doing anything other than doing a cursory scan it will pop up as a spoof chip. But beyond that, it does an excellent job hiding the car's registration and whatnot.
Spoof chips work only with a node's (ANY node....) Access ID - exactly as per the Spoof command a hacker can do. And just like the Spoof command, you do not need to buy anything extra, or even give your new ID much thought. The only thing to consider is that every time a node changes Access ID, all of it's subscriptions and connections are lost.

So if, for example, you were remote controlling your car from a few kilometers away, and you turned on the Spoof chip and the chip changed that car's ID mid-run, you would lose connection to your car and would have to require it pronto.
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