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I was thinking of gming a sr game. I'm a new gm and my group has little experience with shadowrun.

I'd like to create an overarcing plot. Can you as a community give me some tips and examples of plots.

Also what is known about the atlantean foundation?
Well, you really need to build one based on how you want the tone of your campaign (As for any other campaign, of course.). The three stories in my Sig are a long introduction to my own Campaign. (And most of my group still refuse to read. Poor FOOLS vegm.gif ).

The Atlantean Foundation is a group dedicated to searching for the lost continent of Atlantis, as described by Plato. A number of groups are out to debunk them, dissuade them, assist them, and otherwise muddle things up badly. Lots of opportunity for fun! biggrin.gif
wasn't atlantis actually found allready in SR3 Material? O.o
at least in SR4 History or something like that? o.O

as for plots: depends on what kinda style you wanna run . . pink mohawk?
black ops?
first easy low level to learn SR, thus gritty and pink mowhawk,
Then higher level and black ops/horror
this is only generic but can be fleshed out and personalized easy enough i would say
obvious route would be to have them start out as members of the same gang . . depending on the markup of the group maybe one of the bigger gangs that is maybe a little better off so they can actually afford SOME ware . . nothing too big, spurs, light reflexand muscle stuff, maybe some dermal-works and of course eyes and shooty stuff . . then either have the gang do something so horrible that they disagree with their gang and try to stop the gang, or have the gang be annihilated by something and have them be the sole survivors . . maybe move up to syndicate lifestyle, maybe the gang got killed by the mafia/triads/yakuza/vory and they decide to join another syndicate to get revenge . . after that have them slowly make a name for themselves and have them get noticed by someone higher up? or maybe someone gets evidence of them doing something for their bosses but is impressed with what they did none the less and pressures them into working for him? if they agree have them get caputred and brainwashed and cybered up into more elite group stats but offer them the chance to get rid of the brainwashing somehow through gameplay . .
by the way, i am assuming you will be starting with SR4 and not SR3?
with SR3 even "bad" cyber was hellishly expansive for gangers . .
For a first game I'd actually recommend a more episodic style of campaign. Literally a Johnson of the week sort of thing. It lets you play around with different adventure types, see what your group enjoys, play to their strengths and not force them to worry too much about covering their tracks and the like.

Once they have a few different runs under their belt then you can start a campaign with a big overarching plot.

The easiest way to do this is to turn one of the old Johnsons into a more regular employer. The PC's could morph into company men, syndicate goons, Harlequins gophers, or anything else depending on what sort of runs they enjoy playing, and you like to run. This also lets the campaign grow more organically.
I just use the random run generator in the GM book for the first few runs, then it gets my creative juices flowing. I'll just do the next few adventures or runs as "aftermath" type stuff. Like basically, how the last run ended is how this one will go.
Unless this is your group's specific interest, avoid the world ending super plot.
For three reasons:
Firstly, the personal level games make the obsticals seem reasonable to over come.
Secondly, following up the uber plot makes everything an anti climax.
Thirdly, should they fail, the world is toast.

Brass tacks, what ever story you want to tell, you have to sell to your players.
From what characters they are going to take and subsequently explore. To the drama your going to run for those characters. Communication is key to everyones enjoyment.

Keep in mind that a 'classic' run by run start can evolve where you want with forethought.
However, what your players want from the game should be your guiding light.
Remember your enjoyment counts too, though.

Advice done.
Example of my plot arcs are of personal plot arcs with interlaced run arcs.

The mage of the party did not know anything of her parentage, so i have had her swept up in the investigation/exploration and consequences of discovering her father and that she isnt quite all meta human. While falling in love and balancing being a runner and loving a SINer.

The street sam is progressing from new breed yakuza to old school samuria, along the path of the warrior. Bushido in the modern chrome and neon is a demanding code. He has lost and gained everything in the face of finding honour.
He now struggles to serve a tempermental master and learn his duty's full meaning while striving to become a Stratergist.

The decker is walking the line of ageing from a barrens street kid to a mature proffesional ex runner. While trying to live up to his decision to be a Zen Buddist in the face of being a murderer and runner. Working toward the day he will be free of the violence of his past, yet slowly realizing the burden of his sins might be going to haunt him forever.

Though this back drop I have had a friend extracted, whom they rescued, had to protect form a megacorp and all the ramification that brings.
They keep working with a magical group of bounty hunters and are aware they are somehow wraped up in a prophecy that will save the groups future.
Set up by, then almost killed by a vampire. Only then to be manipulated into hunting and destroying her later.
O being runners doing runs.
QUOTE (Jayhawk1106 @ Jul 14 2008, 09:57 AM) *
I just use the random run generator in the GM book for the first few runs, then it gets my creative juices flowing. I'll just do the next few adventures or runs as "aftermath" type stuff. Like basically, how the last run ended is how this one will go.

You can find a random run generator online, too. biggrin.gif
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