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Full Version: The Hacker Mafia
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Jack Kain
I saw this news story and it looked very shadowrun like
"Hey, Bruiser, why don't youse tell dem what happens ta folks what snitch on da Digital Mafia?" "Der Credit Ratin' sleeps wit' da Fishes."
looks like we need a cyber Elliot Ness ASPA.
Kevin Mitnick is allowed to use computers again?
This has been happening for a while, and yes, the LEOs have to undergoing a revolution to counterattack it.

For starters, they need to scrap crappy laws and LEOs like interpol and current cybercrime provisions and create a global framework and agency with actual teeth to operate with. And then they have to start doing stuff like disconnecting countries that are non compliant with the regime - like Nigeria, russia and china.

Of course the US will totally flip out at the idea of letting anyone else arrest its citizens and nothing will happen on an ongoing basis while the impact of cybercrime and spamming grows unchecked.
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