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Full Version: Catalyst Game Labs July Dev Chat - 7/19/08 - 10AM PDT
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As August's Shadowrun Chat will fall in the middle of GenCon, we're going to try to cover two months worth of materials at the July Shadowrun Chat. With that in mind, we'll be doing a double feature covering the Shadowrun Missions campaign, the upcoming Runner's Companion Core Character book, and touch on a few other topics. The Shadowrun chat will be held this coming Saturday (19 July) at 10AM (PDT). The chat will be held as usual on the BattleCorps Shadowrun web chat.
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NM fixed now ;P
Is there a way to chat without using the Java web client? Not sure why but, I tried it a few times and my laptop wasn't too happy.
Logically the java chat would use some from of IRC so one might be able to connect to it via an IRC client but this might not be the case. If this is so then at least I could monitor the chat remotely as i can set my IRC to join a channel at set times.
Agreed. Although, that explains the problem: no java on my laptop.
So, while waiting for the transcript, can anyone say what the devs talked about?
any chance of the IRC adress being made public if possible? Its just that the web chat is quite small and not very stable on my pc.
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QUOTE (CloisterCobra @ Jul 19 2008, 08:58 PM) *
So, while waiting for the transcript, can anyone say what the devs talked about?

The third set of SR Missions is set in New York and the scenarios will be swankier PDFs you can purchase (the older Missions material will remain free), there's the possibility of eBooks on the horizon, and Runner's Companion is going to be chock full of new character options including metavariants (all the old ones and more), changelings, drakes, shapeshifters, the Infected, sapient critters, AIs, and free spirits. Plus there's tons of new qualities and more stuff no one asked about.
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The chat is not IRC.
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