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Full Version: Winter Olympics 2070 Summer Olympics 2072
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I know that the subject of augmented athletes has come up before on different posts, usually pertaining to professional sports. What about the Olympics? Is/will there be any canon material on this subject?

1) Will certain meta races not be allowed to compete against others in certain sports, ie.. a troll vs. a human in powerlifting.

2) Will magic or cyber/bioware be allowed?

3) What about different levels of competition, ie.. mundane vs. mundane, augmented vs. augmented.

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas on this subject. Could make an interesting story arc.
Runners could be hired as security for individual teams/athletes, as guards against astral cheating, to help one team win or lose, the possibilites are vast.
With such a raging capitalist/corporate feudalist environment, I would say that nearly anything goes. Hell, the commercials would be rampant with "man v. machine" ads. Hooray naked nationalism and competition.
IIRC, the Olympics are still Non-Cybernetics and Non-Bioware, and are very much for natural athletic performance.

Which makes them very boring compared to things like Urban Brawl and Combat Cycle.

Wish I could remember which book this came from. Sprawl Survival Guide, maybe?
Indeed.. And most likley you will have it devided by meta races to..

IE Troll vs Troll wrestling Ork vs Ork wrestling etc.. with individual weight classes in there to..
else you will have Trolls winning pretty much everything..

And NO proper elf would allow that.. =)
It doesn't matter at all. The olympics will be canceled both years due to the flame being stolen by shadowrunners.
Which probably became an Olympic Sport all on it's own. nyahnyah.gif
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