After finding this forum a few months ago, I noticed several posters implying or stating that they are serving / have served in the armed services. I am proud of my time in service in the Army National Guard. Before anyone says it, we went through the exact same training as regular Army. The difference is that I was a soldier two and a half days a month and two weeks during the summer instead of 24/7. Yes I was a part timer and proud of it. My MOS(s) was 91Bravo AND 19Delta, 10 bonus karma for anyone who can name those without Wiki.

Back to subject, I was curious about anyone having any good stories about playing while “in?. And if anyone took any material to play while deployed in the sandbox? A old friend of mine, actually the one who got me started in RPGs back in 92 told me that he doesn’t play anymore because “I do that shit for real now.? Fucking SEaLs, they never write, call or answer e-mail. “Daniel X. Team 2 if you read this, get in touch bitch.?

One of my stories involves a motel room, several bottles of Capt. Morgan, 4 guys and a girl, some dice I had sent from home, and a copy of the DM Guide for D&D 1E (yes first edition, found it at a used book store on post). The game was going good until the Morgan and Coke caught up to one of the two DMs (me). It got more interesting after that.

“Karen O. if you’re out there. I wasn’t passed out like the two of you thought. I saw and heard everything you naughty, naughty girl.?