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Full Version: Problems downloading the new Runner Companion
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Did anyone else preorder and buy the PDF from BattleCorps? Because, if you did, I'd like to know how you got your download to work. I ordered it Sunday and tried downloading it around 4 times. It would give me the PDF in the viewer on the web page, but it hung up on the downloading and wouldn't let me save. It's like it timed itself out...but if it did, I shouldn't be able to get the PDF at all.

Contacted BattleCorp, but they're not returning my e-mail...and now all of my downloads are gone, cause I used them trying different computers and connections. frown.gif I'm getting unhappy now. Anyone else having problems?
That's what you get for not downloading Unwired, when the rest of us got this problem and were told how to fix it wink.gif

Here's what you must do (starting by emailing quartermaster in your case)

Hey there,

The best person to contact is the quartermaster/fixer. You can email and he can help you if you have problems.

Most PDF download issues can be solved by disabling the "View PDF in Web Browser" option. To do so, open up Acrobat Reader, go to the Preferences (usually on the Edit menu), go to the Internet section, and uncheck the "View PDF in Web Browser" option. (You'll need to restart your web browser for it to take effect.)

If you need your downloads reset, just zap an email off to the quartermaster email address and someone can reset your download ASAP.

Hope that helps, and hope you enjoy Unwired!
Oh...dang. Thanks much! I'll ask about the download again. biggrin.gif
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