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Well searching is almost useless the amount of related topics is huge. So any source books other than fields of fire that can pervide information of mercenaries in the 6th world? RC has some nice IC fluff but I was wondering if there's any other that even touch apon it the middle east and afirc mainly but any thing would help.
Dash Panther
The successor of the writer of the merc section in Fields of Fire wrote a more practical, current follow up in State of the Art: 2063. It has great fluff and crunch. It covers mission types, corporations, gear, rules and hotspots, including Africa (help a corp put down local magic-supported opposition in one place; at another place, pick a side in a border skirmish between possibly shedim-possessed ghouls and their neighbors who saw the possession coming).

SOTA: 2063 also has a section for security which follows up the Corporate Security Handbook.
thanks that what I needed. I surposse the area source books will help as well
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