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Full Version: Mass Blindness
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When under the effect of Mass Blindness you have to spend a simple action on a perception test to see anything.

If you make the test to be able to see a person, can you then see them forever or do you just shoot at them still with the +TN modifiers?

How do you do it?
i'd say you see them until you make a perception test to see something else.
The book says under Blindness that modifiers apply to all visual perception tests, per net success. the target makes a simple action perception test to see anything. I'd say you have to make the perception test every action until the spell is dropped, once you've presumably failed your resistance test. However, there is no guidance on what you actually see. So I would say if you make your perception test, its up to the Gm what you see based on successes. One success might be enough to see where you're going and head for that guy you can hear gloating over there so you can shoot him with your remaining simple action - and the visual modifiers would apply to that shooting test as well, whereas two might allow you specifically to spot him. three successes might allow you to see him and identify him as a target and notice that he's got two or three other people with him, etc etc etc.

I'm afraid its a GM discretion thing without further guidance, but you definately suffer the penalties continuously. All the perception test does is allow you to see this action, leaving you a simple action to do other things. If you can't see anything, or don't get enough successes, you'll have to depend on your other senses.

Bear in mind, if someone casts blindness on you, and you have say select sound filters and a Spatial Recogniser, there's really no reason why you have to make a visual check. You could just accept the total +8 modifier for not looking, close your eyes and grab the extra dice and lowered target number and make a hearing check instead. For navigation it might actually be easier, though targetting won't be.
Combine Blind Fighting (Adept power) and Blind Fighting (Martial Arts), the modifiers drops to 2.
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