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Full Version: Live Entertainment in SR
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Steel Eyes
Okay I saw Cirque de Soleil in Orlando last night(Amazing stuff) and it got me to thinking. What could Balance Augmentor, Enhanced Articulation and other bits or bio and cyberware do to these guys. And would that be something popular in a time when Simsense would let you be the acrobat doing the moves?

Well?? Would these still be around and how popular would they be??
Ancient History
For sure! A few augmentations and Cirque Du Soleil on crack meets iceapades on speed. Plus, magicians dig live performances of anything.
And not every club could afford virtual performances -- given the prices of cybertech and similar technology.

Especially the low-end clubs popular with the shadowrunner set. grinbig.gif

Yup, all kinds of real-live performances are arround still, but those that use cyber or magic augmentations are usually considered worse (in terms of level and individual quality of those that perform) if compared to those that still perform without those improvements.
isn't there a price listed for live performances in the BBB?
I dont have the SSG, maybe those prices are in there.
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