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Full Version: What about the Incas ?
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Hi all,
I'm coming back to Shadowrun after a long break on L5R, and planning to run a Archeological based campaign.
I've read a lot of material, but i keep asking myself about the "mythical" background aroud the Incas, as the Mayas and the Aztechs where covered with Aztlan, nothing was said about the Incas, that had probably an even greater civilisation than their northern counterparts.
Anyone have hints on this ? or could point me at one of shadowrun's supplements on the matter ?

On the same matter, what about the Egyptians ? the only reference to ancient Egypt i found was one quote from Erhan the scribe regarding his status as advisor to Pharaoh or something similar ...

Thanks for any information smile.gif
Well you won't find much about those civilizations in SR in terms of 6th world crossovers and such. You can find a lot of information about them in history books that can help you build a campaign. I did a mission with an Incan crystal skull (before the movie cyber.gif ) and it was a power focus that that Aztlan was after but Pablo's (having a large Mexican population) hired the runners to uncover. You can have a real classic PnP feel to missions in ruins because you can have traps and such in the tombs of the Incans, Mayans, and Egyptians. Their artifacts could be magical, you have many neo pagans who worship the old gods, you can have spirits of those people or shiedam who take over Peruvian and Egyptian mummies. Also you can have the struggle between the neo-pagans and the established government. You have the most ancestrally european government of Aztlan (even though they pretend to be Aztec) vs the true natives. You also have the mostly Muslim population and government of Egypt vs the neo-pagans (either Egyptian or Greek; due to Macedonian conquest.) There is lots to play with.
Tiger Eyes
QUOTE (treehugger @ Aug 19 2008, 05:19 AM) *
Hi all,
I'm coming back to Shadowrun after a long break on L5R, and planning to run a Archeological based campaign.

Not that this will help you right now, but if you look at the bottom of the SR catalogue from GenCon (picture borrowed from Bull's post), you'll see an upcoming adventure series that may be of interest... wink.gif
Thanks for the answers, but i meant more what are the backstories for those lost civilisations ...
Clearly, Aztecs have some dark support from the "Ennemy". Mayas have Dragon support.

On a side note, to what Earthdawn civilisation would the maya and the Aztec relate to ? the Therans ?
All the Incas were slaughtered & annexed by the Mayans. They don't exist anymore. Hell, they never existed. Ever. Law of the jungle.

"This is exactly the kind of thing I'm fighting," Avi says, even more
irritated. "No, I was not looking for a place where a bunch of Aztecs were
massacred. The Aztecs can go f**k themselves, Randy! Repeat after me: the
Aztecs can go f**k themselves,"
"The Aztecs can go f**k themselves," Randy says cheerfully, drawing a
baffled look from an approaching Nipponese tour guide.
"To begin with, I was hundreds of miles from Mexico City, the former
Aztec capital. I was on the outer fringes of the territory that the Aztecs
controlled." Avi scoops his GPS off the boulder and begins to punch keys on
its pad, telling it to store the latitude and longitude in its memory. "I
was looking," Avi continues, "for the site of a Nahuatl city that was raided
by the Aztecs hundreds of years before the Spanish even showed up. You know
what those f**king Aztecs did, Randy?"
Randy uses his hands to squeegee away sweat from his face. "Something
"I hate that word 'unspeakable.' We must speak of it."
"Speak then."
"The Aztecs took twenty five thousand Nahuatl captives, brought them
back to Tenochtitlan, and killed them all in a couple of days."
No, it was the Mayans that where killed by the Aztecs before the spanish invasion. Incas never met the Aztecs nor the Mayans, at least no historical evidence show some ties between those people.
Daddy's Little Ninja
I bet there is some really cool stuff in Shadows of South America!

The Olmec and Toltec peoples of what is now southern Mexico welcomed in the Aztecs who were coming from the north. They were absorbed in and then took over, and were the powers that be when the Spanish arrived.

The Incas were mainly in what we now call Chile and were far enough from the Aztecs to not be in conflict with them.
you could probably make up your own rules about them.
Not of this World
Incas were more the region of Peru and Ecuador and a little bit of what is now Chile.

Corporate downloads told us that the Japanorps and Yamatetsu are active down there. Not much detailed there. One of the Predator & Prey adventures takes you through Peru to the western side of Amazonia. Really doesn't have much to do with Peru but you could glean something from it.

I do hope there is a lot more made of the Incas and Egyptians as they were two ancient empires sadly under-represented.
Daddy's Little Ninja
I was thinking of Machu Pichu, isn't that in southern Chile?
Not of this World
It is in the Andes mountains, in Peru.
I bet Shadows of Latin America has some really cool things on them. Oh how I wish...

That having been said they were pretty much a done deal when the spanish arrived. So much so that their ruins dissapeared into the jungles and mountains and we have little idea about most of their stuff. Since Machu Pichu has been invoked, we still have little idea what most of the buildings there were built for.

We do know their stone work was amazing, closly fitted stones with no spaces or need for mortar. for flavor you oculd probably find stuff og travel or history stations, even Anthony Bourdain's been there and his travel show gives a good idea of the terrain and infrastructure.

more than that you can probably make up what you want and it ain't gonna be wrong.
Just rrmeber they were genius for mathemartics, masonry and never invented the wheel.

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