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Okay, I realize SR was never know for getting all the typos out of the soursebooks but I noticed one already.
I wanted to incorporate a subplot involving Hestaby in my next extended plot. I noticed the book gave the founding date for the Shasta Shamans as 2065. Any ideas as to when it really was. I'm guessing 2055 because of Hestaby's first appearance. Thanks in advance for the help.
Probably 2056.

Kanada Ten
This thread having a partially proper title, though not purpose...
    Crater Lake is part of the Ring of Fire
    Mount Shasta is part of the Ring of Fire
    Crater Lake held a Loci
    Mount Shasta holds a power site
    Crater Lake started sucking in mana
    Mount Shasta started giving off mana (light, ect).

Was Hestaby responsible for Crater Lake's reversal? Similar to how Lung worked with his sites? Did this give her a leg up on the Council of Princes?

She gets Lofwyr to step down by giving him Glasgian and the Council to accept her by leaving Crater Lake alone?
D'ye mean "locus" or is this some magical place that exists only in the plural?

Kanada Ten
Well, it did say floating buildings in TT.

But I said "a," so - obvisouly, you silly construct - I meant Locus.
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