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1. If I play a possession based free spirit with regeneration, and hop into a body with cyber, does the body I possess spit out the cyber? I know it doesn't, but still....

2. Delta grade storage compartments in shapeshifters makes them the perfect smugglers right?

Question 1:

Infected and Shapeshifters with the Regeneration Power are limited to Deltaware, otherwise Regeneration doesn't actually say it expels cyberware. If the surgery for the implanted cyberware has not healed yet, I can understand your GM saying the cyberware is being expelled because it is the source of the Physical Damage.

Question 2:

If your GM considers the contents of the storage compartment to be purely internal Deltaware Implants, Geneware, or Nanoware then it will change with the shapeshifter. If they don't qualify on any level (for instance it seems awfully hard to get a Deltaware Ares Predator), then they get rejected using the painful rules on page 85 of the Runners Companion. The good news is that since a Ares Predator doesn't have an Essence cost then the (Essence Cost x10)P damage would end up being 0P damage.

- Umbra
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