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Full Version: First issue to Transmetropolitan for free
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There be the goods. Really it's a series I think most 4th ed GMs should read. Some of the tech is more advanced than SR, but not much. And while I would use everything I think many GMs could use a little insperation to move the tech and world out of the 1980s. Which SR4 is trying to do with all the electronics everywhere.

As I was discussing in another thread here, technoshock was supposed to be a cyberpunk staple. In addition to seeing stuff in the street I think lifestyles are a great way to add some of that flavor.

When they pay up their costs maybe let them know that their new underwear can be wirelessly controlled for snugness and temperature. Or maybe that they had to replace their toaster and the new model they picked up adapts to the type and thickness of bread used, has a six slice magazine so that you can tell it to start toasting through your comlink before you come home and it could also add all sorts of designs.

Whatever. Just have some fun.
Just wanted to add my recommendation as well. Transmetropolitan is an awesome series.
Very awesome! So many ideas to steal!!!
FYI, the first issue of almost every Vertigo comic is available on the DC website HERE. I recommend you definitely read Scalped. It is just so very perfect a crime drama. Though speaking of crime comics, there's also Criminal from the Marvel imprint line, Icon. But you should check out The Invisibles, The Losers, Human Target, Hellblazer (natch), and DMZ for good measure.
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