just a little build I played around with... Of course, it's not a shadowrunner (yet) or good fighter, it's not even a good human being - more something like a companion for someone he can attach to... But of course, he's got potential - he's sapient, after all, meaning he can learn to use tools (including weapons) and hide his true nature... At the moment, he's pretty good in unarmed (or natural weapon) combat, but that doesn't make him very good against people with armor and guns - good enough not to fear a street thug, but no match for a decent strike team.

The character seems to me like someone who is really new to this whole "human world" thing. Perhaps he was born in a lab? Or in the wilderness? Why he's here depends on the neg. Qualities... Amnesia? Lost Loved One? So many possibilities...

Race: Tiger Shapeshifter (75)

Bod 7 (30)
Agi 7 (40)
Rea 7 (40)
Str 5 (20)
Cha 2 (10)
Int 4 (30)
Log 1 (0)
Wil 4 (30)
Mag 5 (40)
Egd 1

Adept (5)

...35 Points of...
Uneducated (-20)
Simsense Vertigo (-10) (so he'll never use a smartun)
Amnesia (-10)
Lost Loved One (-5) or Vendetta (-5), perhaps the first one could later be replaced by the last one *g*
Enemy (-x)
...etc. (There seem to be enough possibilities)


Outdoors (Group) 1 (10)
Athletics (Group) 1 (10)
Stealth (Group) 1 (10)
Dodge 4 (16)
Unarmed Combat (16)
Perception 3 (12)
Assensing 2 (cool.gif


Critical Strike 4 (1)
Penetrating Srike 3 (0.75)
Sustenance (0.25)
Improved Reflexes 2 (3)

...33 points left for other skills (perhaps increasing the groups by 1), qualities, etc. (Connections are much more equipment than the clothings he just stole don't seem right to me).

Any comments/ideas?