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Full Version: Magic Fingers and Reach
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After reading the rules on page 121 again, it got me asking a question. Would Reach apply when the Unarmed Skill is used via an Telekinetic Manipulation spell such as 'Use Unarmed' or 'Magic Fingers'? What cap would you put on the Reach if it would apply?

Frag-o Delux
I think personally I wouldn't give any reach bonus for Magic Fingers. Because some people might try to go to far with like standing 50 meters from someone and try to get +50 to their armed attack bonus. Which would make impossible to get any successes on counter attack making Magic Fingers the ultimate in attack spells. But that is my opinion.
I would say that reach would be a nonissue with Magic Fingers, but then, so would counterattacking. After all, there is no other person to interfere with, just raw force that you can't damage/touch in the first place. (From the POV of the person being attacked.)

Considering all the other ways a magician can hurt you, and the limits inherent in MF, I don't see this as a problem in the least.
Frag-o Delux
But the way melee works in SR, with a really high reach it makes it virtually impossible for anyone being attacked to nullify the damage. You are not just trying to counter attack you are also trying to make the other guy miss. With a high reach it becomes harder. Not to mention with a high reach you can hit people easier, and with a high reach you would be able hit easier. So I could sustain magic fingers and go a slashing rampagge only resisting drain once an continously slashing people up from a long distance. I would like to sustain one spell with a resonably low drian and kill people all day long, or put it on a focus. Where fireball and lightinging bolt is a real pain in the butt to do that.
I would give no reach modifiers, and assume that anyone who's aware of the attack is using the full defense option.
But, aren't the hands invisible? If so, the target gets full defense, but his TN is 12, right?
Frag-o Delux
I am not sure how invisibile hands give a 12 tn#, or what the question is really asking. But you can defend agianst the weapon swinging at you. You can still see that. Now it will be a lot more difficult to defend against invisible hands punching you, that would be a high target number.

EDIT: Sorry for some reason my eye skipped over him saying UNarmed attack, I had been assuming he meant a weapon like a sword would be being used. But still I wouldn't give a reach mod, just to much room for abuse.
So, give a +8 to Dodge (Using Combat Pool only)? Making the attacker's base TN 6 (4+2 for Tele Use), and the defender's base TN 12?

Ol' Scratch
It would/should be treated just like Distance Strike save for how the spell's description alters it (meaning the extra +2 TN penalty on the Ranged Attack Test and damage of [Successes]M Stun damage). Just like Distance Strike, Reach is ignored completely. And just like Distance Strike, the target gets to use Combat Pool to Dodge or add to their Damage Resistance Test to resist, but can't counterattack.
Frag-o Delux
That sounds good Doc.
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