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I have always been interested in the CAS as a possible location for a number of Runs or possibly an alternate setting from the traditional Seattle or Chicago. I know that the nation has probably been covered in some past, no longer in print, supplements, but I have never had access to them. As a group, me and my gang have decided to work on some house setting stuff and wanted to ask for any input or past titles we could look for.

So...What do you all think?
Whew. Not a lot on the CAS, sadly. I went digging earlier this week, because I really wanted to set a couple of runs in Atlanta and Savannah, centered around the Sons of the New Revolution trying to build a support base for the return of the USA. What I found is that SoNA, NAGNA and handful of stuff in modules (if you want info on New Orleans, say) is about all you get. The UCAS at least has Target: UCAS.

SoNA has some decent "broad brush' stuff, but you'll end up having to fill in the blanks.
Neo-anarchists guide to North America, good luck finding it, detailed Atlanta and Dallas.

Shadows of North America did a whole chapter on CAS but with only limited up close notice.

and of course New Orleans got it's own writeup. Otherwise, if you're looking to do something like Chatenooga or Lynchburg, you're on your own.
SONA is junk in my opinion. At least for CAS. They manage to use up some pages somehow but say so little. And they've watered it down from NAGNA.

But at any rate that isn't all so bad. Gives you some flexibility.

At a minima check out the sixth world wiki on the CAS.

I play it where the cities are industrial powerhouses plenty of rich and high society that try and put on southern airs. Plus larger slums/barrens than most UCAS cities.

But outside the cities it gets awful rural awful fast.

Also especially in the Neo Anarchists book metahumans are kinda the new slaves. Not official, but paid very bad and treated worse all too often. Especially orcs and trolls.

I generally play things up.

Having grown up in the South (Alabama), I highly recommend running there. I have one game set in Atlanta and another brewing that will most likely be in Alabama. What specifically are you looking for? Setting information? Ideas?

Hope that I can be of help.
I grew up in Arkansas and spent much of my life in the surrounding states.

I typically run the whole area as a AA corp run area with the AAA's all buying up what they can. Most of the power and wealth are located within families and not so much within the Corps exactly. Typically though, I agree with the rapid rural change outside of the cities, large sprawls with abandoned factories and industrials sites, and pretty centralized wealth. Shamans have an easy time of it, while more arcane wizards and the like are pretty much despised. The division between racial (meta species) plays all different ways, but is mostly linked to income and life style. (The rich don't admit to being racist, and the poor don't need to hide it.) I put a lot of hero worship into the different states and families, based mostly on participation in the succession. Sprinkle in a tradition of heavy religious magic and a large illicit market for para critter parts and you have the broad brush for how I have been running it.

My request for past info is mostly so that I don't miss something that is already canon. The last thing I want to do is let the players wonder through Mississippi if that area is a toxic swamp or something from a past meltdown or the like.

As my group and I get some maps and ideas down on paper, I will post links and maps. If anyone else has anything they want to share on the topic, please feel free to post. Perhaps we (dumpshock) can build some interesting resources for the CAS.
Ahhh, now I understand. I don't think that you will run into any issues with canon - there just isn't that much there. As long as you stay away from New Orleans and Atlanta, you are home free with respect to canon contradictions.
New Orleans is full of Voodoo and corruption. Honestly, how unlikely would it be for them to appear in a tabula rasa writeup?

Atlanta's mostly the same except it's a national capital, Turner Field has weird zombie/squatters inside fighting bugs and there is a 500-story tower in downtown.

There. You're canon-ready.
Probably beating a dead horse here, but, there isn't anything written on the government or how the Corps work in the CAS? That's cool with me, but a starting point would be helpful. Also... I am unfamiliar with Tabula Rasa write ups. I know the phrase, but are you referencing another site, or a wiki or something. Thanks for the advice and patience.
There is something written about that, at least from a 2050 perspective: the main traits are strong independence and traditionalism. Many CAS corporations went global. Farmers were replaced by agricorps (soy and vegetables).
Also there is an entire governmental agency that deals with corporations. The saving grace mentioned is "they are extremely expensive to bribe." Also, the CAS pretty much hates Aztlan and Aztech isn't really welcome there. I would imagine the powers that be would be willing to look the other way more often than not if the PCs were out to hit the Azzies.
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