On the Blind Mage thread, I noted this:
A mage who can turn spirits into Great Form spirits could order a spirit to Imbue him with the Materialization power, if the spirit had Materialization and Imbue. This opens up a large set of possible tactics.

Imbue has a lot of oddball potential generally. One could have a great form spirit Imbue the conjuror with Imbue, which then requires statting out all the "powers" of a normal human, so that the conjuror can then Imbue her color vision into a dog, or her Bear and Nurse Young power (most female mammals have this power) onto a naga... or, oh dear, her Mage quality into Joe Muggle. (Why do I hear my GM's voice saying "no way"?)

On what seems like an unrelated topic, but bear with me:

If you use Sacrifice, the best place to do your spirit binding and other drain-intensive tasks, is a slaughterhouse. After all, someone's killing hundreds of animals a day in a modern factory-farm setup, and why let all that juicy drain-resisting potential go to waste? If you just kill the animal and butcher the flesh and grind the bones into fertilizer and render the tallow and tan the hide and sell the horns to a kitschmaker, then you're not using *all* of the animal. The BOD stat is low on each animal, but you've got lots of them.

An Aztechnology ranch for chickens/rabbits/goats/other flesh animal, could have a Sacrifice setup at the slaughterhouse, then use the Drain bonus for help when summoning and binding the water spirits that keep the ranch and surrounding farmland irrigated, weather-controlled, and Guarded against blight, fungus, etc.

Sacrifice on sapient victems is three times as effective.

So you get a Great Form spirit to Imbue the chickens/rabbits/goats with Sapience, at the end of the slaughterhouse chute, just before you slit their throats in Sacrifice.

That's the strongest combination of "unethical IC" and "rules abuse OOC" I've thought of so far. Thanks to Stormcrow for a conversation that got us thinking in that direction.

On a tangent, could one get a Great Form spirit to Imbue Sapience into some of my former pointy-haired bosses, or certain vapid-but-pretty pop culture celebrities? What would happen?