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Full Version: More Character Poll Fun-Ages
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I'm wondering about ages. I get in the mood to post polls now and again. Some of the choices have bigger spreads(18-20 is a pretty small spread, but 30-39 is quite large), mainly due to just me picturing different cutoffs(18-20 being adult...but still not that magic 21. 21-23 is right before the mid 20s, but might not be that different..bah. I just jammed some numbers in there. nyahnyah.gif)

I'm a mid 20s fan(24-29), mostly, it seems. They are young enough still to be at the ''top of their physical game'' (alright, I'm thinking about this sportwise...when I keep hearing that the prime examples are, indeed, usually in their 20s), but also old enough to have studied quite a bit if they are the more studious types(18-24 is 6 years in college studying electronics, for example, which is a fair amount of time....not to mention any other time spent practicing.) Of course, you could have a 50 year old with no ''Shadowrunner skills'' to speak of if they were forced into the shadows late, and the Olympics have proved some rather young people can do amazing things. This isn't more or less what ages are believable; it's just what you like.

I also like the mid 20s because you CAN have a fair amount of experience in life...but still have plenty of room to grow, as well. Really, it's just something I notice(most of my characters run into that), with 18-20 and 30-39 taking second and third place with my characters. I sometimes will bring out an older person or young sprat, but it's not as often; sometimes I do get those concept ideas, though.

So, what about everyone here?
A few of the characters I have played the longest are about my age (mid 40's), and were created under second edition rules, and are mostly NPCs at this point if I play them at all. Characters I've created more recently tend to be a little younger, in their 20s and 30s, with the youngest being the 20 year old kid of my first SR character.
Daddy's Little Ninja
mid to late 20's. since that's where I am I can really understand how it feels. though none of my characters have children.

Blood Mages? Horrors? Vampire Go gangs let by dikoted CZ's? Please! My 18 month old daughter gives me more scares than all of those!
Most of my characters are in in the early 20's but occasionally have an older character (30's ish).
Mid to late twenties or younger. Stuff I can associate with really.
Sweaty Hippo
Usually I make characters around my own age, late teens to early twenties, but most NPCs that I make as a GM tend to be mid-twenties, as most of my games are sent in Barrens-like districts where you live and die young.
Generally between 18 and 35. My namesake character started off at 20 in 2050, making him 40 now. Even though he's an elf, I still can quite wrap my head around that... eek.gif nyahnyah.gif
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