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Full Version: Burn notice on Hulu for free
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Hulu is awsome. TV on demand online with short commercial break to pay for it.

Anyway Burn notice is a very very runnerish show and you should spend the next 4 days with your players tied in front of the computer with their eyes open clockwork orange style until it sticks in.

Samaels Ghost
I love that show. They even had a classic heist crew episode in the second season, complete with double cross!
The con artist episode in the second season was a little flat, but maybe that's because I've watched Hustle's elaborate long cons.

Does anyone know when Leverage is gonna come out? That's industrial espionage/heist movie combined. Very good for Shadowrun.
I think it's only season one their getting rid of. They should still be posting new episodes for season 2
Hulu also has a few shorts up called "Ask a Spy", where Weston gives strategies for things in the same voice-over style as the episodes.
Even if Hulu drops it, I believe season 1 of Burn Notice is still available on USA's site, isn't it?
Burn Notice is great, but why does the guy who plays Michael Westen look like Bob from the male enhancement pill commercials?
I guess it's a very trustable look. If a guy can sell you male enhancement products he can convince those mobsters they need to pull another job by Tuesday.
THey have the same hair, but they don't look that much alike. I imagine Michael Westen benefits from having a face that's easy to lose in a crowd though.
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