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Full Version: UCAS Most Wanted
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do you think that they some how kept John Walch alive and doing his TV show?
John Walch cyber zombie brought to you by Saeder Krupp grinbig.gif
I don't know, but I bet Kane is getting pretty high up on the Most Wanted List!

Probably #2, right after FastJack. nyahnyah.gif
bah, who cares about the UCAS most wanted. i want to know who the corp courts most wanted is wink.gif
FastJack. nyahnyah.gif

Who is on the CAS Most Wanted List? FastJack. (MAYBE Kane!)

Who is on the S-S Most Wanted List? FastJack.

Who is on the PCC Most Wanted List? FastJack.

Why is he #1 on those lists? Because the lists are based on senority, and change depending on what the "Newsworthy Crime" of the time really is.

At any one time, it easily could have been Decking/Hacking (In 2070, it'd be Hacking by Technomancy for example. It's a hot topic.). And, considering the posts on ShadowLand at the time, he'd have been a major suspect.

Thus, considering that he's never been caught, and noone can say he's been killed, he's still #1. And, until someone offs FastJack, or he's ever caught (Ha-Fraggin'-HA!) everyone else would be #2.

Most wanted man in the Tirs? Harlequin. For the same reasons above, but he has a lot more experience at running from the Law than FastJack. nyahnyah.gif
In my recently started campaign, the runners are trying to beat a legendary assassin to his target and make sure the target survives. This assassin is somewhat of a myth, reminiscent of Jason Bourne in Ludlum's books, especially the Bourne Supremacy. He has been on the Lone Star's and FBI's most wanted list (MWL) since forever. It occured to me that Lone Star's MWL must be a lot more fluid than the FBI's, since Lone Star needs to respond to "fluctuations in the market." If the Halloweeners decide to firebomb two coffeeshops in downtown Seattle, then, of course, public outcry demands that Lone Star's MWL is adjusted to put the gangleader at the top. The FBI won't have that problem quite as much. Corporate MWL are most likely not even public, considering how tightly they control all information.
Corporate Most Wanted List: More Consumers!
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