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Full Version: Catalyst at DragonCon
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Hey folks,

I didn't see Catalyst posting any news about this, so I thought I'd put in a little blurb on their behalf.

This past weekend was DragonCon in Atlanta.

I was very pleased to see Catalyst had a table in the vendor's area. It's also probably worth pointing out that not many other game companies did. Sure, there were a few places selling various RPG books, but I only saw maybe one other game company there representing their own product.

Anyways, I discovered the Catalyst table Saturday and was very excited to get my hands on the Runner's Companion. Unfortunately, they were sold out and were waiting for a new box of books to be dropped off.

I was busy doing panels and other things and didn't get to the vendor's area again until Monday. Mistake on my part!

Catalyst was sold out of almost all of their product. About the only thing remaining were a few Cthulhu books.

Even though I missed out on picking up my own copy of the Runner's Companion, I thought it was awesome that Catalyst did such a great job at the show. I'm an avid Battletech player in addition to a Shadowrun player - and they sold out of all their product for both games I believe.

Anyways Catalyst - glad to see you were at DragonCon - join us next year!
Next year you should play in some of thier Shadowrun or Battletech games that they run at the con. They are always tons of fun.
I really wanted to, and I thought about it. I very may well next year.

This was only my 2nd DragonCon. I spent so much time going to panels last year that I didn't really think I'd have time to fit in a multi-hour gaming session.

I think next year I may set aside some time for it.

I just wanted to say thank you to Loren and Randall for coming to D*C and manning the booth. Their presence was great. From a GM perspective, they sent many people from the booth to us. That is always a good problem. We had more people wanting to play than we had spots. I know I ran most of my games at over capacity and I know I wasnt the only GM.

Thanks ALL!
I agree. Thanks so much to the Catalyst folks for coming out. We realize that DragonCon isn't GenCon or Origins so your support means a bunch. It's very heartening to hear that you sold out of almost all your merch. I think there's been some pent-up demand. smile.gif

Robert (aka Spanner)
So, who ran the crazy 800 BPS game my friends keep telling me about?

Jack Rackham
Played in all 6 Missions this past weekend and had a great time. Well done Catalyst. Keep it coming.
Coldhand Jake
QUOTE (DTFarstar @ Sep 2 2008, 06:35 PM) *
So, who ran the crazy 800 BPS game my friends keep telling me about?


That would be me. And what I said was, when I write it up, it'll be a 800BP game, as I ran it was..."Grab your best character, come loaded for great dragon, and Mitsuhama throws open the armory they use to equip the guys that guard their central offices, and tell you to grab whatever can fit on a motorcycle, and whatever you take with you, if you complete this run, you can keep it, with a new Mitsuhama SIN with licenses for it all." The run involved killing off a Prime Runner that had gotten too notorious for his own good, and caused a AAA megacorp to take his actions personally. There was no deniability, no run-around...they offered enough hardware to make the best of the best (the PCs) line up to take out this guy...all you have to do is march into Denver, and kill off a entire gang led by six Prime Runners. I know Wasabi here was one of them...he played a technomancer that damn near gave me a fit when he lured a custom rating 9 semi-autonomous Agent into a drone's control node and whipped her like a red-headed stepchild, and the team mage decided to show me why Mob Mind seriously needs to be banned at my home table.

I'll be making it a One-shot for the demo team to run at later conventions soon. Just got to stat up all the NPCs I had to run on the fly...
The team mage was one of my good friends, Justin, from way back, he was the one who told me about the game. Something about an absurd amount of successes on Mob Mind thanks to spirit help and edge vs. one of the two main bad guys and then having her go in and kill the other guy. A friend of his, Kevin, was apparently something with a Barret mounted in/on one shoulder and an Ares Alpha on/in the other shoulder. First SR game for Kevin, and the second SR game Justin ever played, but they had a lot of fun. They spoke well of the whole ordeal.

Apparently the other SR game Justin played in was also at DragonCon and he was unsure who ran it or if it was a Mission or what, but he was proud of himself because he evidently disabled a car and killed a drone that had been hacked by kicking open the rear van doors and unloading his Ares Alpha on full auto(with explosive round) into the engine of the car and then kicking the drone out the doors and offering it the same treatment.

So, you just converted him to SR, you guys, good job. I've needed new blood for awhile but most of the DnD players around here are unwilling to try anything not similar to DnD, sadly enough.

Coldhand Jake
Nice to know I've got some fans out there. blush.gif biggrin.gif
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