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Mr Clock
Hello everyone. I've lurked and scanned these pages a few times before, decided today I may as well get a voice. I'm a long-time player, mostly 2nd Ed back in the day, then a jump of some years to 4th for our current game. I'm playing the group's technomancer (Mr Clock) with the GM taking us through Emergence, and it's been a ride so far. Our latest run - which is only halfway done - has had us carry out four assassinations and two kidnappings in under 24 hours. Good stuff biggrin.gif

Anyone else playing a techno in their games?
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Welcome to DSF, Clock. Hope you enjoy yourself. smile.gif
Welcome to the group, Clock. No Technos in my group unfortunetly...

Although I'm about to get a Four-Armed Adept AR Hacker...
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