Decided to set aside my Assimilate Nano-critter to just put up something a little more "classical" I figured with satyrs and minotaurs that there should be this classic creature. Again let me know what you think, cuz it's going to end up in my critter netbook. This is just a Paracritter and not an awakened one.

Chrysomallos aka The Golden Fleece
Body: 4
Agility: 2
Reaction: 3
Strength: 8
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 2
Logic: 2
Willpower: 4
Edge: 2
Init: 5

Movement: 25/40 (Flying)
Skills: Dodge 2, Perception 3, Flight 4, Unarmed combat 4
Powers: Armor 4, Flight, Immunity to Age, Natural Weapon (Ram horns: DV6I, AP0), Wealth (Limited)*
Weaknesses: None

Notes: The Chrysomallos is a massive ram (they are always male) that has giant wings and a thick coat of hair made completely of gold. They stand 5ft tall at the shoulder and there wingspan is 20ft from tip to tip. The are intensely freedom loving and hate to be confined or penned in. They are revered in Greece as they are considered to be holy animals blessed by Poseidon. They are exceedingly rare and are born to normal sheep. They mature quickly and attain their full size and powers within 9 months after birth.

New Powers:
*Wealth (Limited)
Type: P Action: Complex Range: LOS Duration: Special
This is a more limited version of the Wealth power found on pg. 110 in Street Magic. Once per month the critter creates the equivalent of 5,000 nuyen.gif of a valuable substance. This can be a goose that lays golden eggs, a sheep with golden fleece or even a frog that coughs up diamonds. The wealth is permanent and real, but does carry the "signature" of the creature that created it.