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I have had an idea kicking around in my head for a while now about a Newsblog similar to one that has been posted on this forum. In it the GM posted news stories related to the events of the runs with comments a la Shadowtalk.

I am thinking of trying to set up a similar kind of thing but with multiple contributors from multiple games. The idea is that the games must share a common location and that the events themselves would not deviate too significantly from Canon events... No invasions of the Tir by the UCAS or whatever. A demon can't take over half of the city. Things that make the Shadowrun world something different from what the vanilla Shadowrun world is would have to be left to just your game.

The idea revolves around the idea that the newsposts themselves would contain some, all and possibly misinformation based on the events in your game. These could then, due to their vanilla nature, be used as adventure seeds for anygame what so ever. Maybe in my game my players were supposed to meet the Vory at the Tacoma docs to get paid and instead were doublecrossed. The result is seven bodies and a lot of mess. The evening news picks up on it stating that there was a Gangland War afoot with comments from Lonestar about impending indictments related to recent organized crime violence... Only part of this is true... As a GM you can pick up on these events and use as an adventure seed that maybe the Vory were ambusing a Yakuza shipment of drugs coming in at the port? Maybe the players are employed by the Vory to be doing the stealing? Maybe you choose to take up the Lonestar interest and substantiate that interest by having the whole thing be part of a long sting operation by the Star? Maybe you don't even use the event but your NPCs can bring it up in conversation with your players? Maybe your NPCs were involved, even tangentially?

Whatever the case, the gameworld can start to come alive in ways that you did not anticipate, could not anticipate, and because you could not anticipate it the result is far more textured and believable.

Anyone interested?

PM me for more details.
Any GMs or players interested in participating?

No one would be willing to send small excerpts or summaries of their runs to be used in a kind Shadowrun Live Newsblog?
I was just starting to do something similar for my group. Here is what made headlines in Hong Kong.
Knight Errant has recently released report about the explosion that shook the district of Kwun Tong almost a week ago. The the report states that the explosion was caused due to an error in the automated sewer system caused large amounts of methane gas, along with black water, to be flushed into the plant, where it was accidentally sparked of by a cleaning drone. This goes against the official statement by the owner of the plants in the area, the Baihu Corporation, which blamed the the attack on the terrorist group 9x9. Link.

Woot, lets trigger the search filters again.

Radical groups based south of Istanbul have stepped up their activities in the mediterranean. They have recently been reported to use almost brand-new weapons.

An Aztlan work-ship has for mysterious reasons reported a successful raid by pirates to the NEEC. They claim a powerful magical device was stolen. Our sources (who donĀ“t want to be named) call it a "magical weapon of mass destruction", and Aztlans report a way of saying "not us". Further questions remained unanswered.
Sorry, even if I like the idea, my game is set in an alternate Hamburg so it'll be quite difficult for me to participate.
I can participate. I play in a rather different world, and 10 to 15 years earlier than SR4, but my news resulting from runs are rarely of a nature that would make it impossible to be planted into another game - crime and piracy still flourishes.
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