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Full Version: Flux Rating of the Radio-Controlled Interface
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Well, what is the flux rating of the radio-controlled interface ?
Does anybody know where I can find the rules for it ?
I believe in general an item's flux rating is equal to the item's normal rating. The flux rating can be increased or reduced when plugged into a vehicle (but apparently not when plugged into a wall socket) to a maximum of +50%.
Yes, but the radio-controlled interface has no device rating.
Rigger 3, p. 130

Because the RC interface hardware provides an R:1 Pilot to the vehicle it's installed in, it stands to reason that it has a device rating of 1. So the flux rating would be 2 (1*1.5, rounded up). The dovetails perfectly with the RC deck's base flux rating, so they can talk to each other at the same ranges right out of the box.

Alternatively, the prices vary by the target vehicle's Body, so that could also be considered the basis of the device rating.
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