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Full Version: Infiltration runs
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I was watching Alias the other day, where Sidney had 2 minutes to obtain an artifact and get out, and was thinking this would be cool as a run.

Thus my question

How many of you use rounds and init passes for other things than combat, suchas (Data) Stealing runs where the security can only be disabled for a short amount of time? devil.gif
Never used it for time limits.

But I use it to coordinate things like someone driving a vehicle fast and someone else hacking.

It might give the run a nice sence of urgency
I did a run with a time limit once: the Johnson was an Oyabun and needed the PC to bring him back something before midnight (or else...). It was mostly an investigation scenario (nearly no combat), and was meant to be played so that 1 hour of game time would be 1 hour in game. It was very interesting since the players can't do as much planning and thinking as they are used to and it leads to a much more direct playstyle.
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