Been working on some house rules for Matrix combat and I want to fish around for some input. Basically I want to add some complications into cybercombat. The ones that I have run seem to boil down to you roll, I roll repeat till done. After some contemplation I've decided that I would start by making the cybercombat skill into more than just the skill used with Attack programs and the like.

Basically a hacker with the cybercombat skill has learned to use all of his programs in cybercombat. Here is what I have come up with so far.

Analyze: The hacker can use the Analyze program to look for weaknesses in his opponent. Make an opposed Cybercombat+Analyze vs Cybercombat+Stealth, or Firewall+Stealth for icons running a Pilot. Each net hit adds one to the cybercombatant's dice pool to the Attack program against that opponent. This modifier lasts as long as the Analyze program is running.

Exploit: The Exploit program can be run on an opponent in an attempt to add code which will prime the target for the attack to come. Make an opposed Cybercombat+Exploit vs Cybercombat+Firewall or Pilot+Firewall. Each net hit adds one to dameage done to that opponent from the hacker's Attack program. On its turn the opponent can attempt to correct the Exploit by making an opposed Cybercombat+Firewall or Pilot+Firewall vs Cybercombat+Exploit. Each net hit reduces the hits acquired from the original test.

Disarm: The hacker may attempt to use the Disarm program to neutralize any programs opponent has running. Make an opposed Cybercombat+Disarm vs Cybercombat+Firewall or Pilot+Firewall. If successful the software cannot be used against the hacker. This lasts until the opponent reloads the disarmed program.

Edit: Edit can be used in cybercombat to create icons that distract or misdirect the opponent. This can be in the form of duplicate icons of the hacker, to changing the icons within the node to exploding fireworks. Make an opposed Cybercombat+Edit vs Cybercombat+Reality Filter, or Pilot+Response. Modify the opponent's Attack Tests
-1 per net hit. On his turn the opponent can try to defeat the Edit by using his Reality Filter program. Make an opposed Cybercombat+Reality Filter vs Cybercombat+Edit or Pilot+Response. Each net hit subtracts one from the original Edit test.

What do you think, will my players actually use this? Is it balanced? Anything to add?