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Full Version: Sr3 - Skillsofts and Knowsofts
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I've done a forum search and couldnt find anything that specifically addresses my questions.

If i have a skillsoft jukebox filled with knowsofts/activesofts/linguasofts plugged in through a chipjack, is it a free action to switch between softs as when they are in headware memory?

pages 58/60 of cannon companion read:
To use a skillsoft an individual needs a way to access the information. This is usually done by inserting the skillsoft directly into a chipjack or datajack, though certain devices - skillsoft jukeboxes and other computers with appropriate accessories - can also relay the data. The user can load the skillsoft data into headware memory for later access, similair to uploading a cuberdeck utility to active memory. This requires a simple action.
Once inserted or otherwise accessible to appropriate cyberware, activating a skillsoft is a free action

I'm interpreting the "otherwise accessible to appropriate cyberware" as meaning jukeboxes but thought i would get the skinny from you guys. My character has a chipjack but no headware memory, relying on the jukebox to give him access to all his softs.

Also is there any limitation to knowsofts once you have a knowsoft link? or can anyone with a knowsoft link, enough memory and a fat wallet effectively have 10 knowledge in every subject loaded at once?

cheers for any help you can give
Wording in the BBB under skillsoft jukebox (if memory serves) says you can do this with a datajack.
Personally as a chipjack is a specialised datajack I would rule you can have the jukebox swap softs with a free action.
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