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Full Version: Troll Decker
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So I'm pretty wet behind the ears with decking.

I'm trying to build a Troll Decker, someone who doesn't need
to be babysat in a fight, but is more than able to handle the matrix.

I can handle the fighting side. I just need to know what to do
with the decking side of things?
What sort of deck do I need for this, what programs do I need?

Can anyone help?
Well if you stuck the BBB sample runners show you the basics but with unwired and such there are plenty more options. as a few sample charictars worth looking at. But you will need stealth, exploit, the general use programs spoof, sniff and decrypt and defuse that should cover most bases.
It trolls!
Since you haven't specified a version tag on your thread. Does DECKER imply that this is a SR3 question?
Yes, that would be correct.
Troll Decker: *type type type*
Troll Decker: *type type type*
Troll Decker: RAWR! *smash*
I advise a keyboard for the blind, with the oversized keys.

That way, you can actually type with those sausage fingers. nyahnyah.gif

As for the Deck, best you can afford. Then chose your decking style: Stealth or Smash.

Stealth is better for a lot of things, but can be harder and slower. Smash is good for speed, but you're going to have IC on you like the Titanic!
Phantom Gett
IC like that titanic... Thats awesome. I commend you. I wish I was that creative. How about a Troll Hacker NPC (I'm the GM)... I did it, but he has very low Mental qualities, though I did leave the Strength and Body alone... To make it wierder... He's a 19-year-old Technomancer. (THANK YOU CATALYST for Unwired.)

*Note* Don't know if this is the place to ask about this, but it seems to be the place for Troll-matrix-junkies.
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