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I know that topics like these are not favoured in forums but I just came back from a nice SR-Session that went out...let me say...unpleasant. Basicly it was a run that forced us to defend a shelter/hospital for SIN-less in Puyallup (the bear-shaman who led this hospital wanted us to use non lethal weapons) I think you know this Crypta-thing in the Puyallup Barrens? The "enemy" sent us some mercs in two vans, heavily armored, one mage and 2 elementals. We had a little discussion with them that resulted in "you get 5 minutes to pack your things and leave" which left me unsatisfied. So i called their boss again and asked him to contact his Johnson, because we would like to make him an counteroffer and a fight would lead to wounded or even killed people on both sides (and no, i haven´t been the politest guy on earth). He said "Ok, I will contact Mr.J, give us 5 minutes". Suddenly his men went onto us, searching for cover and coming closer. Nothing made me thing that this was anything else than an attack, so I unleashed a little mana-blast that incapacitated one of the mercs. Unfortunately they had a sharpshooter who killed 2 of our men quite instantly. This led to a little discussion afterwards that I should have had to wait until they opened the fire. But to be honest, armed people approaching in cover into my direction don´t make me ask for the first shot. So would you have handled it the same way or am I fact totally wrong? Would you have depended/trusted that they use non-lethal ammunition?
I am always a little leery about responding to posts asking about in-game actions, because it's always only one side of the issue, and it might be missing some pertinent facts, as well.

But going only by what you have written, it doesn't look like you did anything wrong. Why would an enemy group in the middle of negotiations suddenly start advancing, if not to attack? You're not playing some square-jawed hero who has to let the dastardly villain take the first shot! Hell, if I was playing a Lawful Good mage in D&D, I would have shot off a fireball, much less if I was any kind of shadowrunner!
Actually I kinda like that. See in real life (and ideally in Shadowrun) right and wrong are blurry.

You had a tough call, and you made the wrong one. But you could have just as easily been making the right call. They key is trying to not get into the position.

If you're worried about your fellow players try and keep communication up as much as possible. Such as through sub vocal microphones and headsets etc etc.

Finally your other players should have used edge to stay alive.
I fail to see the issue. The mercs obviously weren't there to drop off your character's Avon order so your character took their actions as aggressive. Even if the GM doesn't agree 100%, it's not like your character owed those bastiges a superior firing position when the fireworks started. You play, you pay.

If he wants you to play nicey-nicey longer, he needs to have his NPCs work on their people skills...
Yeah. Maybe my "I am the responsible, if you want to discuss, do it with me moron. We are armed, you are armed, we have a lot of children and women here and if the shit hits the fan it ain´t going to be funny for none of us" too much for his little brain. So the enemies ran for cover and the shit started. Afterwards the GM told me that the enemy-leader was a professional that didn´t wanted to discuss with an asshole like me but if he was that professional, I think he knows how to ease his temper when discussing with street scum. And, maybe i´m wrong or not, i am not going to wait to let the enmy have the first shot to check if they have gelrounds loaded or something lethal. But as we discussed later, this was exactly was my GM wanted from us. I play a combat mage an unfortunately i don´t own any stun-magic. So he told me my character is not playable in this campain. Are all Shadowrunners now pussies? Letting the enemy have the first shot, loading non lethal ammo and doing Robin Hood-Runs, or are we professional criminals that none of us would like to meet in real-life? I hang on the second description.
A lot of that depends on what the tone of your game is. I've been in games where the majority of the runners were 'Hooders' that tried to help out their "fellow oppressed man", and in games where people in the group were killing each other off left and right. I think that more than anything , you need to sit down with your GM and discuss how the two of you see the SR setting, and how you intend to play/run in it. You seem to be comng at it from different angles, and that's causing a disconnect.

I think your GM probably recently read Fields of Fire and Matador's essay within it. It's got the whole "Professional Merc" bit down to a T, and could explain the attitude toward your mouthy gutter punk. Your character isn't wrong for being an unprofessional asshat if that's the character. A friend of mine played a self destructive, alientating a-hole who eventually got himself killed, but he played true to the character, not necessarily what was best metagame wise.

So sit and discuss. Rationally, and openly. That helps stop a lot of these issues before they happen.

And please, try breaking up your posts a little bit. Separate paragraphs and spell check. It makes for easier reading. smile.gif
MUAHAHAHA...yeah, you´re right. I will try to make some blank lines and paragraphes for a better overview. Discussing with the GM will be the only way to clear this quarrel. I haven´t been thinking about this up to now. Up to now i was planning some revenge instead...maybe your idea is better.^^ Thanks
QUOTE (Machiavelli @ Sep 7 2008, 12:53 PM) *
Up to now i was planning some revenge instead...maybe your idea is better.^^ Thanks

biggrin.gif Of course you were. You play Shadowrun for run. Calm discussion isn't generally our first response instinct, or we'd be doing something a bit more constructive with our time. smile.gif Sadly, talking it out and figuring where each other coming from does tend to work better in the long term. *shrug* go figure.

Good luck.
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