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Hello there !

I wanted to make a Free Spirit Character, which possesses a little girl (he is the helpful kind one alright smile.gif ). I read over the rules over and over again and still have many questions.

If I raise the force rating to 6 (which is max. at char generation), do I pay 25 points for the maximum (6), although this stat only sets the max. for the other stats ? My answer would be yes, because it's also the Magic- Attribute, but I am not sure.

If I raise the other stats to the Maximum, do I have to pay the 25 for the last, although I can set a new maximum with Initiation and force- "lifting" later ?
If the answer is "yes" to I have to pay them again, when my force/stat rating raises to seven and I want raise a stat to the new maximum ?

Can I use advantages like "Exceptional Attribute", etc. for a spirit ? Which Advantages and Disvantages can a free spirit take anyway ?

If the Spirit posesses a vessel, does the vessels Attribut maxima still apply, or are the Attributs just added, talking about a possible 15 Con (9+6 for human) at the beginning ?

That's it for now, but more Questions are bugging me grinbig.gif .

Thanks for your concern in advance,

Ol' Scratch
Regarding Attributes: If you're using the Karma system, it doesn't use the double-the-cost for the highest point of an attribute or skill. If you're using the BP system, it's the general rule of thumb so yes.

Regarding Qualities: They tell you which ones you can and cannot get on page 93 as well as introducing some new ones just for Free Spirits.

Regarding Possession: Page 92 tells you exactly what happens in the "Free Spirit Attributes" section.

Except for the first part, all of this is pretty clearly labeled and explained in the rules. I don't see how or why it would have confused you.
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