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Prime Mover
Two new books on shelves and two in near future and cons keeping everyone busy the powers that be were quiet. So I checked out some other stuff and happened upon a podcast from Gen Con and heard the bit about next years releases and something about using smaller lesser known threats from Threats 1. This got me thinking and went to the "boxes" and dug out my old copy. So here it is Threats and how or if I used them.

How about you?

Alamos 20,000K
Well our 1st,2nd and some of 3rd edition games were centered around a team of badazz Trolls so any A20K association was like tossing gas on a fire, plenty of times a job went on hold to teach some humanz a lesson!

Afraid of the Darke
I just had to use Darke after H2. Smooth and subtle with some twisted firepower to back him up. (ie Crawlers and Gum Toads.) Aztec was always a boogyman to my players without even having to set them up that way, just the flavor of anything connected got them worried. Darke was "destroyed" twice and the team was always looking around the corner to see if he was back. hehehee

Wow I dropped the ball here, didn't see how I could squeeze these guys into my game. I think they got one mention during an extraction and the team never followed it up.

The Vampire Conspiracy
I used a vampire from Kage early on Neidertrach (sp) and worked him into the Conspiracy at a later date acting as a contact with possible cyberzombie conversion connections.

Halberstam's Babies
Used waaaaaay back in 1st edition as an opponent for a two man team of deckers who had met "strange" children on a run. Again dropped the ball here, never used him again and look were he ended up.

Long time team actually caught on video by these guys more then once, most of the time not even realizing it.

The Atlantean Conspiracy
Our Prime team ran both Harlequin missions and had continued contact with Immortal Elves in both Tir's over the years. Strangely enough they tended to trust Dragons more then Elves.

Here There Be Dragons
Some dealings with Dunkie early on and killed a few lesser Dragons including memorable battle against a Rastafarian drug lord western. But Celdyr ended up taking center stage with our Prime team, they just would'nt leave him alone and I guess he just wasn't hungry so they ended up getting alot of work from. I think it started when they were tasked with getting a rare regeant and someone suggested Dragon urine.

Bwaahahahahaa I loved the Bugs....players hate the bugs. Ran all the bug stuff Universal and Bug city still stir creepy memories of pitched combat in dark moist places with bug spirits pouring out of the walls!

Blood Mage Gestalt
I think I mentioned this up above Aztec just screams boogyman without even having to set them up around my table. Never faced the Gestalt but encountered a single member once. In a recent game I had the chance to be a player and got to face my first Blood spirit from the other side of the table, took our casters favorite spirit to bring it down.

The Black Lodge
One of my personal faves. I've used these guys tons of times buried in the background. And whether a testament to my plotting or players disinterest they've never put the peices together to realize the lodge was behind something. Besides the master using a book to cast I've allowed lesser members to cast from a spell "matrix" to avoid penalties from background count. Always hoped for more info on these aspects.

The Human Nation
Between Humanis,A20K and other Poli's I never had use for the nation.

Used once and the player really got into it. The mage set his very powerful/costly ally spirit free to atone for his other misuses of spirits and "she" helped him face down Tutor. After he and the now Free ally spirit became life long friends.

Strain III
Messed around with this and other strains after I got Corporate Sec handbook, made Ares facility with containment and assault strains. Was a messy run.
Well I've not looked though my copy of threats 1 yet. I got given a huge number of SR books once an old friend found out I was running a game. But In treats 2 the knights Templar are used in my game and if it gets to 2075 then it's going to be lots of fun in Israel.
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