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I've been led to believe by the people in my area that for some reason, Trolls are unable to wear the heaviest of armor (the MilSpec armor from Arsenal). They cite some obscure game mechanic as the reason for this statement - however, it must be PRETTY obscure, because I haven't been able to track it down.

Does anyone know if this is the truth or not? It's not an immediate concern of mine, since the game is just beginning and I have no way of getting my hands on a set. However, since my trog is going to be the bullet-magnet for our group, it's something he'd probably like to acquire further on down the road.
Ol' Scratch
Definitely not true. Ignoring optional rules, they can wear the most and the heaviest of armors compared to other races. The only downfall is that they have to pay more (which applies to most of their gear). But then again, so do dwarves.
Alright, good to know. Thanks man - it didn't make any sense to me that the race most suited in the role of 'tank' would be barred from wearing the best armor, but I wanted to make sure.
The only thing that I can think of, if you're playing SR3, is that trolls get a Quickness penalty, and Quickness is used to determine the encumbrance penalty for armor, so trolls would tend to have a bit more of a penalty when wearing the heaviest armors - they could still wear them, though.
Your guys are probably just talking about the Availability issue. I'm not looking at the table right now, but I assume the armor you are referring to is WAY above starting character limits.
What obscure game mechanic are hey citing?
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