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Full Version: Animal Empathy
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Hello, I have a question about the influence for the animals and paranormals animals.

There are a animal empathy as adept power.

If I want to frigthen a (paranormal) animal, is it with intimidation skill ?
Are there an other skill to influence a (paranormal) animal ?

Is it useful to take the animal empathy power if I had already the kinesic power ?

Thanks for your future answer.
Nobody ?
Ol' Scratch
The writers have been rather evil about these powers and qualities. They keep littering them into the rules, hinting that Shadowrun would finally have animal handling as a viable action in the game... but nothing as of yet. Other than these largely useless tidbits that leave you hanging.

In other words, you pretty much have to houserule everything revolving around these abilities as you see fit. There are no solid rules for how to handle them.
we can always hope for rules in running wild, and i would say it's at least more likely to make it in for 4th edition, but i wouldn't say it's necessarily *likely* so much as it is *more likely*
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