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Full Version: Cybercombat with IC's
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I’m relatively new to running any sort of cybercombat. In reading up on cybercombat, I’m getting really confused by IC’s.

Here are a few questions I have:

1. Do IC programs have their own Firewall/Response? It sounds like one IC Program can be running multiple programs at once (i.e. an Attack and a Track). Therefore, is an IC Programs limited by its own Response (if it has one), or the nodes Response?
2. Can one node have multiple ICs? Meaning, if a hacker triggers an alert, can he be attacked by two IC Programs running Attack (or Black Hammer/Backout) programs? Or have two IC’s attack and another Tracking?
3. Once an IC Program is defeated, it can no longer run any programs contained within, correct?

I just may be simpler if someone could just give me an example of an IC encounter. I read the one in the book and it confused me more.
1a. You use its rating times 2 for Firewall/Response.
1b. IC cna run mulipul porgrams these programs apply to the nodes prosseser limit/responce
2a yes there treated as programs but only responce agents/IC can be run on a node.
2b both can happen.
3. Correct

hope this helps can add more detail and prosseser limit is from unwired.
QUOTE (BBB p227)
Agents have a Pilot attribute just like drones (see Pilot Programs, p. 213) that determines just how “smart? the agent is. Pilot acts as the agent’s brain, interpreting orders.

Agents have their own built-in Firewall attribute, equal to their Pilot rating. Agents use the Response attribute of whatever node they are run on; this means that the attributes of an agent operating independently may vary as it moves from node to node.

IC is an Agent.

Response is the Response of the Node it is running on, not the node it is accessing but the one it is running on.

Payload operates the same as for an Agent. Number of IC constructs loaded on a node is limited by the nodes Response as a hard cap and by it's Processor Limit as an effective cap. Number of IC constructs accessing a node is not limited.
On of you says Response is the IC's rating x2, the other says is whatever the response is of the node it is running on. Which is correct?

The node its running on. Firewall is rating*2 missread on my part there.
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