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Full Version: So, what kind of gear has your campaign invented?
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We have the core book, Arsenal, Unwired, etc etc etc, all loaded with goodness, both magical and technological, plus plain ol' mundane stuff. (Mmm, Duct Tape.)

So, what sorts of gizmos, guns, tanks, or whatever have you designed for your own games? Care to share a few?
Nothing in SR4 yet, but in SR3 we had breakaway clothing for the bear shifter and handwraps with elasic siding and such so they stayed on him in bear form (they were his weapon focus). Twinky? Yeah. But it was fun.
Rotbart van Dainig
The Ares Monoknives (short & long, same as the Fineblade Knives) and the Cougar Fineblade Sword (same as the Monosword).
Just because Ares has a patent on monowire edges and Cougar has a patent on molecular edge binding.

And arrowhead options also available for throwing darts and javelins.
Ol' Scratch
Only have a few of note in SR4. Most are improvements to current options more than genuine inventions.
  • Weapon Foci: Standardized the cost to that of a Reach 1 Weapon Focus in a normal game and redesigned them so that they could also be an item that represents your weapon skill or belief system instead of just a weapon. The focus itself boosts the melee combat skill of choice when created (not one specific weapon) and it's the channeling of magic through the magician via the focus that allows said weapons to affect spirits freely, not the weapon itself. So if you were a Knight Templar, you could have a crucifix as your Weapon Focus (Blades). And any blade you weilded would function as a Weapon Focus in the standard rules. Specific weapons are instead treated Talisman geasa, Anchoring Foci or spell fetishes. I was never a fan of +1 weapons and instead preferred them to be more magical.
  • Datasofts: Not really an invention so much as just having a ton of fun with them. Considering the lack of memory issues in SR4 and how cheap Datasofts are, I'm surprised more people don't have entire libraries at their fingertips. My characters almost always do.
  • Cyberlimbs: Changed them so that they come standard at your natural attribute ratings (no extra Availability or Cost issues) and Synthetic options are available for unusual types of limbs, such as Satyr Legs. Also reduced the base cost of off-the-shelf cyberlimbs and options by approximately 50%. The reprecussions for redlining were also lowered significantly.
Mr. Unpronounceable
My group's been using Faraday cages for years before they were apparently invented in Unwired.
Same for Thermite bars and the SR4 BBB.
All of the following where designed & built (or being designed) by my character, an Adept armor/arms designer & former Ares weapons development manager (8 Armorer, 8 Logic, 6 Hardware, & numerous knowledge skills at 4 - 6, out of character generation). As he is the only one designing/constructing them, their availability is all effectively "Unavailable".

Gauss Pistol (Heavy Pistol)
5P :: -2AP* :: SS :: - RC :: 10( c ) + Energy :: 8,000

* = Half ballistic armor before applying Armor Penetration (note: we also use this for the Gauss Rifle). The weapon includes an internal Smartgun system. Ammo costs 150 per 10 Rounds.

A few other concepts I have, that may or may not be introduced:

PSG (Personal Shielding Generator) [Armor Modification]
Rating 1-4 :: Cost undetermined
While active (for a currently undetermined duration), this unit adds both Ballistic & Impact Armor equal to it's rating to the user. This armor does not increase encumbrance, and functions similar to the Armor spell. This unit recharges at a (currently undetermined) rate when not in use.

More advanced (powerful) units may be made for vehicles & barriers.

Reaction Upgrade [Armor Modification]
Rating 1-3 :: [Rating] Capacity :: Rating x 4,500

This upgrade functions identically to Strength Upgrade, with the exception of affecting Reaction.

Audio Jammer
Rating 1-6 :: Cost undetermined
While active (for a currently undetermined duration), this unit creates an electromagnetic (or other) barrier that disrupts audio waves passing through it. Increase the threshold of any audio Perception Tests to listen through the barrier by it's rating. The barrier is dome-shaped with a radius equal to Rating in Meters.

Gauss Autocannon (Vehicle Weapon)
11P :: -6AP* :: FA :: - RC :: 200(belt) :: Cost undetermined

* = Half ballistic armor before applying Armor Penetration (note: we also use this for the Gauss Rifle)

This high velocity Gauss Rifle fires rounds somewhat larger than it's man-portable cousin from a belt feed. Ammo costs 500 per 10 rounds.
Time for some WakkaTech, then!

Hand Razors (non-retractable)

The 'razors' of 'razorboys' for devades, non-retractable razors fell out of favor years ago, but are now seeing something of a retro-resurgence. The exact designs differ, but all end the same, with each of the bearer's fingers tipped, or mounted with, a sharp blade of roughly 2 cm length. Some are thin and needle-like, others curved or talonlike, but, at the end of the day, they're as fashionable as they are effective. Unlike most cyberweapons, teh shortness of the blades allows them to be registered, rather than be blatantly outlawed.

Hand Razor || 0.1 essence || Capacity [1] || Availability 6R || Cost 500Y
Hand Razor || Reach -- || Damage (Str/2 + 1)P || AP --

Spur (non-retractable)

Rarely seen outside of the worst of barrens, non-retractable spurs are used primarily for intimidation, not combat. They carry the distinct insistance that the one bearing them is ready for, and experienced in, combative situations and that, furthermore, they're more than willing to advertise that fact. Needless to say, no law-abiding community welcomes these blades and they're an instant signal for law enforcement to pick up their master. Then again, in those areas where they are found, typically the bearer *is* the law.

Spur || 0.15 essence || Capacity [2] || Availability 8F || Cost 1000Y
Spur || Reach -- || Damage (Str/2+3)P || AP --

Cyberlimb: Obvious Half-Skull

Popular in the 50's, the half-skull is a predecessor to today's full-skull, something of a dinosaur of technology, left behind and rarely found. Still, as retro-chrome goes, it's easy to install, cheap, and projects a certain culture in and of itself, keeping it popular in underground circles to this day. Some choose a wrap-around band which coveres teh ears and back of the head, others the traditional side of face, likely with ear and eye replaced, while a final few instead wear it as a cranium cover, crest, or dorsal display. Regardless of the stylistic approach chosen, the effects remain the same. There are no synthetic versions known at this time.

Obvious Half-Skull || 0.25 essence || Capacity 2 || Availability 8 || Cost 5000Y

Shiawase Four-Star

While it remains easy to overlook, Shiawase originally started as a weapons developer and, to this day, remains active in the field of firearms, body armor, and so forth. Never ones for innovation in the field, they tend to borrow from others' designs, replacing cutting-edge with low-cost and mass market appeal. The Shiawase Four-Star is a prime example of this philosophy, a hold-out pistol of low quality that's sold in vending machines (Ammunition, of course, sold seperately) as well as armamnet stores. The Four-Star revolver is beter known as "A piece of Shiawase" by those who've been forced to rely on it in the most dire of circumstances, but it has a nice look and gives a feeling of security to the little old ladies who don't really know one gun from another.

Shiawase Four-Star || Damage 4P || Ap - | Mode SS | RC - || Ammo 4 (cy) || Availability 3R || Cost 50Y

(Note that, as a revolver, it should technically have +1 power (5P) and extra AP, but, these bonuses were lost due to shoddy design.)

Drekky Ammo

As the state of the art presses on, armor-piercing ammunition continues to dog the heels of body armor, each moving ahead of the other in a constant arms race. Drekky ammo is ammunition that was left behind when the newest advances hit, or low-powered ammunition intended simply for traget practice, not field use. Regardless of the origin, it's dirt-cheap and virtually useless against an armored target, but as good as any other bullet should it find flesh. Popular in barrens with a rat problem due to working just fine against vermin and being cheap. Now available via online purchase at Kong Wal-Mart!

Drekky Ammo (per 10 shots) || Damage Mod -- || AP Mod +3 || Armor Used B || Availability - | Cost 2Y
Whoa, Wak, thought ya disappeared! I haven't seen ya around a bunch of months ago when we were cranking out characters in the 320 point thingy. nyahnyah.gif

Well, we came up more or less with little odds and ends. For example, we allow Hardliners in both glove and boots, even though they only list gloves. We don't see why a pair of steel-shod kickers would still do S damage, when hardened gloves(which aren't even 100% stiff), would do P. Same price as the gloves, pretty much. The one young man I play in the repo business swears by these, as besides bodies, they are also great for kicking in those pesky doors. grinbig.gif

Awhile back, we had created a light revolver, and then one was released. We were revolver fans, and wanted a light model-it was around SR3, so it did 1 more than the typical Light Pistol like the Ruger one-upped the heavy(7L instead of 6), but was SS. In SR4, it would simply use light pistol ranges, be the same capacity, but do 5P, single-shot, with light pistol concealability. A style thing more than anything.

I allowed my buddy to have a sort of battery pack/magnet thing on the end of his character's chain that he used as a weapon; it had some light grabbing ability with it.

We're quite open to suggestions, really. If someone has a cool idea of something they REALLY want, but they don't have it, we'll find something that it's kind of close to and approximate it.

Oh yeah...I don't remember the specs(I think this was...SR2), but we had made a version of the one fellow's triple-shot giant revolver from the Guyver anime. biggrin.gif

I'm still around, tho I tend to pass trhough as the wind takes me. Still have 320 stuff, of course. Currently working on the Dirty Dozen, 12 archtypes for the 320 point level, instead of more fleshed out specific characters. That includes a pair of deckers, an adept, a street shaman, and a hermetic mage... and seven people with no hacking programs or magic. Guh. AFter teh first four, they started blending together too much!
For SR3, a good old mirror on a stick and duct tape were the two main ones every one of my characters have.

The GM also worked with another player to invent an "electroshock" chain...basically same stats as a regular chain, plus the shock of a shock glove..worked great for knocking people out without killing them. Plus every time he got a monowhip he managed to lose it somehow nyahnyah.gif
In SR 2 and 3 (yeah, I know, I´m old ^^) I invented a lot of spells mostly covering magical abilities of critters (e.g. mist form, movement etc), in SR4 i recently made a spell called "Nukem" which creates a fire and explosion-elemtal effect with the mage in the centre. Drain was (i think) (F/2)+4 ? But we are still discussing if this would kill the mage too if it was a combat spell or if it would work as an instand version of "elemental aura" with an additional elemental effect.
Something that came up after looking at the vehicles in Arsenal was the idea of including a list of "similar models" for weapons. Knock-offs, re-cased weapons, and so on. Haven't gotten too in depth yet.

My players have also come up with some high-larious custom guns thanks to the weapon modding rules.

Our troll adept finally got his hands on his "non-lethal takedown" gun: a Ruger Superwarhawk with melee hardening, troll racial mod, smartlink, voice response, and the expanded cylinder. I don't recall if he got the SA firing mode or not. He loads it with a mix of Gel and Tracker rounds. Funny thing is, he has simsense vertigo. He only installed the smartlink so he can have the voice response system.
"Chamber six!" shouted the troll as the Warhawk's cylinder spun, then locked in place.
"Chamber six," replied the gun's cool, feminine voice.

And then there are the modded hand cannons of doom the gunslinger adept will be getting after the next session. I don't even remember all the stuff they're cramming in those things: smartlinks, custom grips, custom finish, burst fire (I think), etc., etc. She's also getting the hold-out of uber-sneakiness (invisible to MAD scanners, silenced, stick-n-shock, etc.)

The only things we've created whole cloth is a set of touch range elemental combat spells. Which reminds me... I need to post those up in the SRM Mission forum.

I just now wrote these for my Trickster shaman, and am pleased to find an appropriate thread.

Quick-Change Clothes
This clothing is designed for fast change. Reversible jackets with a different color, and pockets on both sides, are a classic example. Some quick-change clothing has tear-off parts to alter its cut and profile. Some uses electropigment. Designs vary, because the more common a design is, the less it fools professionals.

Basic quick-change clothing with no armor value is simple, relatively cheap, and can be worn over an Armor Vest. A low-end outfit, suitable for posing as a technician, costs around ¥200. An outfit which includes a formal suit or similar fashion, whether as "before" or "after", costs around ¥1,000.

Quick-change clothing incorporating armor, ruthenium, and other advanced features can be bought as a modification to armor using the Arsenal rules.

Custom Avatars and Video Alteration
Some Matrix person-to-person communications have a visual display with input from an actual camera, similar to turn-of-the-millenium videophones. Other Matrix forums display completely computer-generated images, whether cartoony or realistic. A basic set of avatars comes with any commlink's OS, and many are downloadable at trivial cost (include with Lifestyle). If you want to call Mr. Johnson, and give his display an image which looks like it's a straightforward camera image, but shows a doctored image with a different face or different background, perhaps matching your actual movements as a skin on a wireframe, that's extra. Software which overlays a fake image onto a real-world camera image costs $100 x rating up to rating 3, and $200 x rating at rating 4-6. Rating of this software is the threshold for a Perception Test by the person (or agent) on the other end of the connection.
Flying Frisbee Chair O' Death.

Levitate Spell on a Sharpened Manhole Cover. The Pixie Mage sometimes has a chair on it and he rides around like a king.
I've made a few nifty new bits of gear, but you gotta play the Missions campaign to find out what they are. =i)

(To be fair, that doesn't really count as "my" campaign. On the other hand, I guess it actually is "my" campaign in the sense that it is "our" campaign, with the "we" being all of us from Mr. Dunn all the way to the player who only gets to play at conventions.)

My group wants to "Invent" Panzercycles and make a Go-Gang driving just them. nyahnyah.gif
Panda Bear shaped armor, fully stealthed amphibious motorcycles, The Fragger, Planes with arms, Guns that shoot better that the people holding them, raptor-based warform bio-drones, explosive acids, and an invisible submarine tank.

Over the top? Yeah, but it's still fun.
Nod Mod mini-tunnel motorcycle for my mole shaman,
Bolter and Storm-Bolter from WH40K Fame
Pocketable Sniper Rifle with Burst Mode doing 16S Physical Damage on ONE net success . .
20D SA Assault Cannon that's clip fed, and has enough built in recoil compensation so a troll can actually fire this baby one handed without problems . .
Cyber-Implant versions of the 3 canon Laser Weapons,
based on that oral slasher mouth whip with a knife on the end weapon, i build arm slashers like scorpion had in mortal combat . .
Cyber-Ware matched up and modified to do the same thing as the ares screech sonic rifle . .
thought a bit about it and asked: hey, if the implant weapons are baiscally just built in versions of the external weapons, who says there's no implant version of the franchi SPAS-22 or the Savalette Guardian for example?
changed bonelacing in the effect: plastic gives +1 impact, ceramic gives +2 impact, aluminium gives +1 impact and ballistic, kevlar gives +2 ballistic and titan bones give +2 ballistic and impact
bioware version of the cyber-spur and hand razors,
changed cyber-limbs so the base version you get has the same physical attributes as the rest of your body(yes, that means an troll can start with Cyber-Arms of STR16 and boost them up to 19 without further essence cost if he wants to)
Hover-Craft Drone-Carrier for skimmer and ground based drones, AirShip based carrier for airborne drones,
anyone remember the pilot movie to the old series of streethawk? yeah, we built the van with the 2 bikes that come out from the back knightrider style . .
we built the Universal Solder 1 mobile HQ,
we frigging met KITT once . . Airwolf and Streethawk were not far away . . thunder in paradise(seattle) got nixed due to bad experiences with water based runs all around . .
Combine: Toaster, Grenade, some String, and you get your very own Claymore Mine!
after we had killed a small feathered serpent we were planning on using whatever parts we did not sell to mage magical weapons and armour out of . .
anyone remember mad maxx 2? Master-Blaster? yeah, we did that too . . also, we combined that with the Colossus/Wolverine Fastball Special . .
i myself invented the idea/concept for the first Troll/Ork AA Corp. and modifications to be done to make the imi-chain-knife in SR3 . .
can't forget the monowire net-gun . . icky piece of ouchies, really . .
air-time freeze foam grenades. Really, why don't those exist?

Don't really need it now, since there's gene therapy that lets you have material links or dna info go poof several minutes after leaving it behind, but SR3 and before, one of my fave runner tools was essentially a bleach 'bug bomb', something you set off in a room you may have left DNA/material links in. It'd fog the room, bleaching everything which helped degrade material link stuff, and, bonus, especially if you do it in some corp's lab or suits house or something, it'd mess up everything, vandalism + helping save your butt.
Boosted reflexes which were turned on and off with an inhaler, or auto injector to prevent accidentally gunning down people reaching for their cell phones on the bus.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Sep 11 2008, 05:15 PM) *
Bolter and Storm-Bolter from WH40K Fame

Its not flashy but a combination holster that acts as quick draw as well as concealed.
QUOTE (Wasabi @ Sep 12 2008, 09:31 AM) *
Its not flashy but a combination holster that acts as quick draw as well as concealed.

I thought the two were specifically combined in the hidden arm gun slide? biggrin.gif
QUOTE (FlashbackJon @ Sep 12 2008, 09:36 AM) *
I thought the two were specifically combined in the hidden arm gun slide? biggrin.gif

I'm fairly certain a Hidden Gun Arm Slide doesn't make it harder to spot the gun just easier to get into action.
[BBB, p311]
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Sep 11 2008, 06:15 PM) *
bioware version of the cyber-spur and hand razors,

Do you mind pming me the stats or posting them?
Maglock passkey installed in a fingertip compartment. (Extends the fingernail when you need to pass it through a key card reader.)

Armor Piercing Flechette (One single big flechette needle) Damage: -1, AP: -5
QUOTE (Wasabi @ Sep 12 2008, 09:42 AM) *
I'm fairly certain a Hidden Gun Arm Slide doesn't make it harder to spot the gun just easier to get into action.
[BBB, p311]

That.... is correct, sir! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (venenum @ Sep 12 2008, 11:04 PM) *
Do you mind pming me the stats or posting them?

basically, i took the SR3 cyber things and doubled price and switched essence cost to bioindex but halved it . .
so bio spur retractable per arm
Bio-Index: 0,15
Base Price: 23000 Nuyen
Legal Code: 5-F
Street Index: 2
Damage: STR(M)
Availability: 10(meaning, not useable in beginning character under the rules of max avail=cool.gif
basically as all bioware impossible to detect, aside from being in use, obviously . .
two big drawbacks: if armor bigger than power-niveau, the spur breaks under failure and especially critical failure
and the bio-version can not be removed and dikote'd . .
if you want to have bonelace, you have to get it AFTER the spur.

bio Hand Razors Retract per hand/arm with 5 Fingers(4 Fingers and Thumb)
Bio-Index: 0,5
Base Price: 9000 Nuyen
Legal Code: 5-F
Street Index: 2
Damage: STR(L)
Availability: 8
basically as all bioware impossible to detect, aside from being in use, obviously . .
two big drawbacks: if armor bigger than power-niveau, the razors break under failure and especially critical failure8
and the bio-version can not be removed and dikote'd . .
also, there's no improved razors for this like there are for the cyber version . .

as for the Bolter:
Heavy Pistol,
Conceal: 5/
built in Recoil compensation 1
Heavy Barrel
Internal smartgun
extended clip(5)
loaded with ExEx Ammo, of Course

Storm Bolter:
Conceal: 2
built in recoil compensation 2
heavy barrel(+1 recoil compensation)
Personalized Grip(+1 Recoil Compensation)
Stock Rigid/folding with Shock Pads(+1 Recoil Compensation)
ForeGrip(+1 Recoil Compensation)
Custom Finish
loaded, again, with ExEx Ammo
3250 Nuyen

Wasn'T there a legit Quick Draw Holster Concealed in Canon Companion?
NSRCG says Page 33, and i've come to rely heavyly on McMackies perfection O.o
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