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Full Version: Of Hualpa and Shapeshifters...
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Well, no, not together.
I'm wrapping up a major story arc in my campaign this weekend and I've got two quick questions.

1. Has Hualpa's "dragon name" been revealed? (Ie. Lofwyr = GoldMaster and Ghostwalker=DollMaker)
2. What's the life span of your typical shapeshifter? How quickly do they reach sexual maturity? Has any Shapeshifter Ecology stuff been revealed in any source?

Thanks folks!
Shifter lifespan is listed as being comparable to Orks. Otherwise it says they're "nearly identical" to the base animal so I'd say go with that for the sexual maturity question. The only info on shifters I know of is in Runner's companion.
Thanks Rad.
We're actually still playing 3rd edition, so I haven't read through Runner's Companion yet...
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