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Full Version: Free Sprite mass production?
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I read through the rules for free sprites recently and started wondering...
What about a technomancer cult deliberately producing free sprites?

It wouldn't be that hard- you just take a TM with Resonance 6 (with a couple other TMs standing by to prevent him from harm if things go bad), let him summon a Rating 6 sprite, let him begin registering and shortly before he's finished, you carefully drug him close to the point of unconsciousnes.
When registering is done, fading kicks in and your TM passes out, the sprite becomes uncontrolled and probably goes free.
You may have to repeat this a couple times, as the sprite only rolls 2 dice against a treshold of 1 and most likely, the sprite will start to act funny while uncontrolled, but according to the BBB, they are much less aggressive than uncontrolled spirits, so (at least in theory) you just give it something that grabs its attention so it has something to play.

After a while, chances aren't that bad that you end up with one or more free sprites- whom you have liberated.
Probably they are interested in forming a resonance bond and you can start cheesing them up by feeding them registered sprites 24/7.

We can all imagine the possibilities, i think.

Of course, the problems one might encounter are obvious.
You may end up with pariah or wedge sprites, who may have little interest in participating in your plan.
A prototype sprite, which would be particularly susceptible to the whole cheese part, may become megalomaniac and demand constant feeding with increasingly powerful sprites and so on.

But the basic idea is too interesting not to consider, i think.
My primary concern is with the poor slob who has to get his @$$ drugged "for fun and profit". The Technomancer is a coy and vulneable creature, and sedating him a couple of times in a row may have unforseen consequences on his awakened resonan...tic? abilities... wink.gif

Apart from that? Sounds interesting, but also very cheesy and might lead to rampant stabbing at my table.
ugh, anyone else see megacorps do that in some lab somewhere?

strap a TM to a table, and get the show on the road...
There's a lot of cheese involved, hopefully baked to a delicious, crusty topping as we dumpshockers love it.
It's also more of a theoretical example, in actual gameplay, i'd strictly stick to the Resonance Bond quality at lvl 1 and breed a kickass Edge one gazillion sprite from that basis (BTW, is there a limit to a free sprite's Edge anywhere? Like Rating x 1.5? I hope so, because otherwise, as long as you feed it sprites of equal rating, you could give it all the powers and echoes in the book while it was still at Rating 6!).

The drugging, of course, should be undertaken under medical care- a machine sprite with First Aid and Medicine autosofts in a Valkyrie drone immediately comes to mind.
Under good conditions, it should be able to anesthesize him properly and with minimal side effects.

Of course, this is nothing you repeat day after day- and you might switch the volunteers for the druggy part regularly to minimize negative effects.
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