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We have a chat coming up and the powers that be state that topics of discussion are to include what was discussed at the Gen Con panel. I dont recall seeing anything posted here as to a summary of what was brought up at gencon so I was wandering if someone has seen anything or possesses anything that would give use more of a clue.
Prime Mover
Bleh haven't been able to get search function to work for a few days now and can't find the post but here is a list I put up on my blog with info I have read about SR at GenCon.

Shadowrun news from GenCon !
Whats in store for the future?

1.Ghost Cartels: Long awaited plot book.
2.Feral Cities: Those places you don't go without clean water and fresh underwear.
3.Vice: Criminals and the cops who love to shoot them.
4.Corp Book: You guessed it a corp book.
5.Running Wild: Critters,ecology and so much more.
6.Gm's Toolkit: A new GM screen with adventures?
7.Dawn of the Artifacts: This adventure/series sounds mysterious.
8.GM's Companion: Easy to figure out.
9.20th Anniversary atlas /almanac: Again easy.
10.Novels: Anthology coming first of 2009 followed by a novel every 3 months.
11. Seattle 2072 Hmm Two Seattle books on my shelf and another with Seattle info in it, guessing this is gonna be more like the original.

Edit: Don't remember were I read this or even if it had anything to do with GenCon chat but I did come across a quote that I'll paraphrase here. "Expect there to be a war if you see a source book for warfare."
Tiger Eyes
QUOTE (Prime Mover @ Sep 18 2008, 09:21 AM) *
Edit: Don't remember were I read this or even if it had anything to do with GenCon chat but I did come across a quote that I'll paraphrase here. "Expect there to be a war if you see a source book for warfare."

I believe the full discussion surrounding that particular quote is that SR is going to do a better job of tying books and plot together. So, the sourcebooks should reflect the upcoming plots (and current plots). The example given was that one on war.
The September Shadowrun chat (this Saturday, usual place, usual time) will be geared towards bringing everyone up to speed on the stuff we talked about at the GenCon seminars and our release schedule for the coming year.

Prime Mover covered a lot of the bases though the quote is out of context. I was speaking about my design philosophy at GenCon and saying that I'm looking to make the coming books (and their contents) as integrated and relevant to one another and the metaplots we're developing as possible.

Ghost Cartels is a prime example of this. Not only does it feature a new format that combines what I feel are the best elements of the canned adventures (like On the Run), episodic campaigns (like Brainscan), and the event/track campaigns (like Blood in the Boardroom and System Failure) but on top of that you'll find that its been written so that if you've got our core location books (Runner Havens and Corporate Enclaves) you'll get a lot more mileage out of all three books. And it goes beyond the "scenery" (as it were), the Cast of Shadows and Grunts that make an appearance have been stated out using all the nice options and gear from the 5 advanced books that player characters have access to. All this and it has a metaplot that will cascade into the underworld sourcebook Vice and something else I'm planning down the line. This is not to say that any of these other books are essential or mandatory, but having them will definitely enhance your experience.

The same development logic extends to all the books. Take the Advanced Character types in Runner's Companion, while many of them may be ill-suited for the good old streets of Seattle, Catalyst has and will continue to introduce other core settings where off-beat characters like ghouls, centaurs, nagas, and free spirits are more common/realistic options.

Getting back to Prime Mover's quote, what I said at the time is that now that the six essential core books are out, we'll be getting back to metaplot development and focusing on more specialized supplements (possibly themed like the SOTAs or say Fields of Fire), but that these will play to the current metaplot/storyline we're developing and tie together better - hence if you see a sourcebook about the military and warfare, expect a war on the horizon.
Prime Mover
Should have just left that last quote out, honestly remember seeing/hearing it somewhere in last weeks and really was out of context, should have given it a BOLD disclaimer.

Edit: On a side note, it would make for for nice book/plot hook. hehee
Note I haven't said that a war isn't on the horizon...
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