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Full Version: First technomancer, please critique
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I created this character for a game in which I was told to be somewhat lower-power than normal. Never having created a technomancer, I felt this wouldn't be too hard of a restriction. In-game, though, it worked very well. He is more of a stealth hacker-type than anything, but I really like some of the TM mechanics that make them special. Stuff like Threading, Sprites, and not needing a commlink. He's a pixie because I really liked both the flavor (he and a friend of mine having characters who are friends, and grew up together in Ireland) and the stats.

So feel free to tell me what needs fixing, if I made any mistakes, etc. Gladly looking for input! - Liam, Pixie Technomancer.
you do know that pixies have a magic attribute right? So you shouldn't be a pixie technomancer
I asked my GM, and he said that I could remove the Magic if I took the Technomancer quality, and start with Resonance (the 1 that you get for the quality) instead. I also bought off Uneducated.
Here's the problem...with a Body of 1...unless this character hides...he's in a world of trouble if he gets attacked. That, no Dodge skill at all, and the inability to wear anything more protective than...well, nothing, and not be slowed down...IMO, he's going to die. Way too fast, unless the GM said it's specifically a non-combat(or near non-combat) campaign.
On a quick glance it appears the char is a fly-squatter-vulnerable without any physical skills nor social skills. Uncouth makes people want to squat him even with high charisma. "Aww, what a cute little... why you little bugger *squat*". Guess you bought the services to the sprites as otherwise this guy has next to no chance to ever register a rating 6 sprite with dp of 9 (without edge). For RP it might be a cute and cuddly char with deep background but skillwise he sucks bigtime. He wouldn't be able to hack a toaster without threading or using a favor from a sprite.

I'd reduce the mental attributes and buy some more skills. Also having that many sprites is handy to have but I'd use some of those points to skills, too. Maybe the team should pack the guy into an armored box so they don't have to listen to his comments AND he would be safe biggrin.gif Battle-hack-cube grinbig.gif You can even mail this guy to a high-sec area and give some explosives along to get out... Hermetically sealed titanium cube with few "windows" and air tank for 10hrs...
Mr. Unpronounceable
Just out of your GM letting you keep the concealment(self) power, even though you're dumping the magic attribute?
Ok, there is no way I would allow a pixie technomancer in a game I was running... between magic and uneducated, I see them as being natural magicians, which means they never can be technomancers. Mostly, you reasoning here was to push those mental stats up, as a techno for your living persona.. I see it as a way of altering the rules I would never allow. If you really must have so many improvements, take an elf or dwarf, and spend the resources for genetic optimization... with the gencrafted trait, you can do it much more cheaply, and while I might not allow a pixie character, I would allow a genecrafted character to get away with no essence loss, it makes no sense to me for one to lose essence because thier genome was altered at conception, maybe in the womb I could see. That would be a house rule though.

That said... your complex forms are a too low, you need more of them, and a brouder group of them, with a logic of 6, you can have up to 12 starting CF's... take advantage of it.
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