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Full Version: Invoking and Possession traditions
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I am prepping to start playing a Possession tradition mage. As I was persuing the metamagics in SM, looking to what I want to eventually get, I wondered if a possession mage can even use invoking?
looking at the Invoking table on p56 Street Magic

Hits Result
0–1 The Invoking fails.

2 The spirit grows visibly bigger and more powerful
(+1 Reach) when materialized, and the bond
to its summoner is reinforced—the spirit gains
a +1 dice pool modifier to resist Banishing attempts
per hit on the Invoking Test.

3 The spirit gains access to an additional power
from its list of Optional Powers, exactly as if it
had a Force 3 higher than it actually has.

4 Any of the spirit’s powers with a range of LOS
may be used with a range of LOS (A). In addition,
the spirit’s Engulf power (if any) may also
be used with a range of LOS (A) if desired.
Unlike normal area effects, the spirit may voluntarily
choose not to affect any number of targets
within the target area.

5 The spirit gains a unique great form power appropriate
to its type; see Great Form Powers, below.

6+ Each net hit over 5 adds 1 point to each of the great
form spirit’s materialized or possession Physical attributes
(up to the augmented maximum).

All these seem to be for materialization spirits. If this metamagic is only for Materialization traditions what would you suggest for Possession Traditions?
... so you get dicked out of +1 reach. I don't know about you, but if I'm power gaming hard enough to pull of an invoking possession tradition, my 'A-game' isn't exactly going to henge on better melee.

If you really wanted to throw possession a bone, I would be explicitly generous on the size of vessel I let you possess. Can you punk a city master by summoning a spirit to possessing it? eh no, not really. Could you use a F12 great form? I'd say yes.
Ol' Scratch
Yes, it very much works on possession spirits as much as materialization spirits. Why wouldn't it? The size difference only applies to materialized spirits, yes, but that's not a limitation as to what kind of spirits can or cannot be invoked. I believe the only ones that can't are Watcher spirits, in fact.
Note how 6+ says it adds 1 point per the great form spirit materialized or possession physical attributes.

That pretty much settles it.
Heck, since a posession spirit makes its host stronger, tougher, more agile and more responsive, I'd seriously consider a houserule that a Great Form possession spirit can also make the host physically larger.

Though I like WeaverMount's suggestion that Great Form could change the limits of what a spirit can and can't possess, which is a GM judgement call in Street Magic.
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