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Full Version: Game screen in PDF?
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Mithral MAge
Anyone done up a GM screen in pdf (or Oppenoffice) that they are willing to share?
Prime Mover
Gm screen can still be found to buy and new edition coming out next year or sooner I believe. Also Aarons page has ton of "cheat sheets" can just staple together and use other floating around too if ya use google search or some kind soul can link Aarons site, at work at moment and short on time.
Mithral MAge
Someone has to have made up a cool personal screen for this game. I would like it for running my online SKYPE/Maptools game.
Sorry dude. I just use the PDFs of the books and look up the tables when I need them. I don't have much of a use for the screens.
Wesley Street
I honestly bought the FanPro 4th ed. screen for the Contacts and Adventures booklet. *Shrug.* I'm lame like that.
Oh I have the screen, I just don't use it wink.gif
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